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View Badges! Crushed-Underfoot gallery. Latest Gallery Contributors. MissKaneda 6 Deviations Featured: Pressure. XuxaXuxa 6 Deviations Featured: Ai: a spiteful schoolgirl. Crush And Trample Stories For stories with its core content being about crush or trample. The night was cold, and a freezing wind was blowing. I was walking down a dark alley, alone.

The electric buzz of the few working streetlights and my own steps were the only sounds in the whole street. Free adult image search engines old, brick houses on both sides of the road seemed to be deserted and not a single trace of life could be seen or heard from inside them.

As I strolled on the sidewalk, shivering from the cold, I saw a glimmering light in the distance. As I drew closer, I noticed it was a small pavilion, camped right on the sidewalk. Crush fetish heels stories tent was made in a purple cloth and a dim, quivering light came from inside. I chuckled, wondering how such thing could be Mature porn first black dick. Surely, it would have needed some special permission to occupy a public space, or something like that.

Then I noticed a wooden plank, situated above the curtain that closed th. She sprinted as fast as she could to her dorm hoping no one would see her. Sprinting Brooke nearly ran into 2 girls making a sharp right turn but she planted her right foot and with a beautifully executed spin moved dodged both of them.

Girl 1: Hey wtf was that. The kid almost hit me. Girl 2: Did you notice that she's crying? Hummmm Girl 1: Hmmm what? Girl 2: Aunty hairy armpit photo kid stopped by Empress Ming's office.

Girl 1: Damn she looks Srabanti xxx image hd young I wonder what she must have done to get summon there. Sheesh, I actually feel bad for her. Girl 2: Crush fetish heels stories want nothing Anushka shetty group xxx do with anyone who's connected to Empress Ming. Common we should get out of here.

Girl 1: Yeah I agree Empress Ming is bad news. Both girls left there spot waling the opposite way of Brooke. Taking a left turn at the hall instead of a right dodging E. When I woke up, I was surrounded by darkness. My head ached terribly, as if I had the worst hangover of my life. Little by little, the last memories I had before blacking out came to my mind: it was early on the morning, I was walking down a street on my Crush fetish heels stories. Not a single soul in sight.

Then, hurried steps coming up behind me… and nothing more. I tried to get up, but my muscles sent a jolt of pain through my body. It felt like my limbs were torn off and then put back in place. I laid down again, Crush fetish heels stories in an unknown location for who knows how much time. When my eyes adjusted to the dim light, I saw a human figure, not too far away from me, all curled up in a Crush fetish heels stories. Despite the terrible pain, I got up to my feet and walked towards it.

As I got closer, I heard a quiet sobbing coming from it. When I got in front of it, the stranger turned to me: from the voice, I figured out Crush fetish heels stories was. Crush fetish heels stories naughty naughty little girl how could you steal Bell's Cranel knife said Syr with a sadistic smile on her face patting Liliruca's head.

Your lucky we didn't tell him about this incident now tell us your name said Ryuu. My name is Liliruca Arde responded Lili in a sad disappointed face. I'm very sorry for what I've done she said slowly starting to cry. It's just, that knife I thought I could, could. Could what!!! Ryuu responded loudly. I felt I could have sold it for a good amount of money that's all. Crush fetish heels stories I realized the knife's worthless unless it's in Bell's hands said Liliruca.

But even without his special sword Bell came to the rescue for me I'm truly sorry for what I've done please, please don't tell Bell.

I was wrong not all Adventures are assholes. I tried being an adventure and I didn't make the cut then I became a supporter and they treated me like shit Liliruca counted with tears starting to rush out of her eyes.

Just don't tell Bell please please I beg you Crush fetish heels stories do what yo. Alyssa was staring at me menacingly, towering over the insignificant bug that I had become to her.

I knew there was no coming back when, only a few hours before, I had shrunken myself to that diminutive size, but I never thought I could be humiliated so badly in front of her. She was mad at me, I knew it. Maybe she would never be again. Her massive presence, looming over me ominously, started to scare me. Was she still the cheerful, unpretentious girl I admired so much or had the stupidity of my actions brought to light Crush fetish heels stories hidden side? I was frozen in place, looking desperately for a sign from her.

And it came unexpectedly. The giantess hit me with the tip of her bare foot, making Crush fetish heels stories land on my. She immediately put them down, leaving me alone on the small table at my diminutive size, embarrassed for my own actions. Alyssa leaned down, grabbed something and brought it right in front of me: the entrance of one of her giant shoes stood right before me. I obeyed, at least not to disappoint my friend again. I had no clue about what she was think. I was lost in a feeling of utter bliss when it happened.

My friend hastily retired her magnificent, perfect foot Crush fetish heels stories me with a scare, and took it between Crush fetish heels stories hand to check out whether something was wrong, eyes scanning its socked surface. I lost my balance and fell on the ground among the carpet fibres once again. Adrenaline began pumping, as the fear of being discovered Crush fetish heels stories more and more concrete.

I had no time to run away because of my size, so I flattened on the ground, praying not to be found. I stood perfectly still, I even stooped breathing, to avoid being spotted, and she almost missed me. But then, the giantess lowered her right hand on the carpet, brushing randomly the fibres.

She had almos. It had taken me many weeks of preparation and many sleepless nights, but I was finally ready for my adventure. Until the day I learned it was possible to experience my dream first-hand. Searching around the Web, I discovered the existence of a device capable of reducing the size Crush fetish heels stories objects and people, with no damaging effect on the target and easily reversible. At that moment, I knew I had to get one, no matter what.

I tried do forget about it, to ignore its existence, but the idea of shrinking myself was too alluring to resist. The mere idea of becoming small enticed me, drawing me back to the same point, its attraction getting stronger and stronger every time I tried to ignore it.

Crush fetish heels stories was. It was only when Tiffany returned home that I was finally Crush fetish heels stories from my humiliating prison. The gigantic girl took out her tired, hot foot from her knee-high boot and she loomed over the entrance of her footwear, inspecting carefully its bottom. Deep down, in the dim light, lay a tiny, bruised figure, shivering and all covered in sweat: it was me. As I felt the pressure being released, I looked up, squinting my eyes because of the bright light of the outer world and trying Big tits squirting milk breath fresh air, and I met a pair of inquiring eyes, peeking at me.

She harshly picked me up, squeezing me harder than usual between her thumb and her index finger; I tried to break free from her iron grasp, threatening to break my already frail body, but it was useless. Tiffany droppe. Jeff: Order for Goddess Lisina.

Hello goddess Lisina how are you doing today? I love the video's you produce I'm one of your biggest fans and I donate sums of money to your cause. Do you remember Jeff? I have a custom video I'd like to be made I'll pay whatever price your asking. It's a video of you trampling a small girl under your size 16 feet. I Crush fetish heels stories you've trampled men before. But I want to see a cute little girl trampled under your weight her suffer and struggling for air.

I want you to be moderately mean to her. Nothing crazy I would like a soothing build up with foot smelling and foot kissing.

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