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Today's Posts. Quick Links. Search Forums. Show Threads. Show Posts. How to find second and fourth Monday of the month? Registered User. Join Date: May Hi, I have came across the scenario where, we have to run the script on second and fourth Monday of each month.

I have tried to search man page of date and also forum for it but, could not get any answer to this. Can you please advise how can we get second and fourth Monday of the month? Also, While searching for above problem, I have came across the thread Can we get every Date for monday in ongjin or monday's date for the current week which has following code to find Monday of the current week.

Code :. Last edited by rbatte1; at AM. Reason: Corrected link. Moderator Emeritus. Join Date: Jul Join Date: Sep You probably want that script to be executed by cron. With GNU date and a recent bash, try this: Code :.

Originally Posted by sea. Originally Posted by RudiC. Should the First be a Monday, subtract another 7 days. Getting below errors, any suggestions? Test Your Knowledge in Computers Difficulty: Medium. The finite state machine has more computational power than a Turing machine. Submit Answer. Shell Programming and Scripting. Find one month before date. Hi, I want two dates one Date for monday in ongjin be the current date and the other one will be just one month before.

I dont know how to do it. Went through some of the related threads How to find last two files for a month? Hi All, I need to find last two files for the month.

How to find a file created in UNIX every monday.??? Hi All Any one please suggest me I have one directory every monday one file will be created in that directory. Date for monday in ongjin can write a script???

Thanks K. Srinivas 5 Replies. Hi, Could any one please let me know the crontab entry for scheduling a job for every first monday of the month? Thank You in advance, Sue 2 Replies. I know I can't schedule this in cron and would have to write a wrapper around my script and schedule it in cron How do I exclude Monday Date for monday in ongjin the 2nd day of the month falls on a Monday?

I wanted to get the date of the first monday of a month. Hi, I need to display the date of the first monday of a month. Can any one please help me on this. Thanks in advance. I would like to find out the month from a given date, how is it possible. Help please! I need to read the calendar and put the date of the third Friday of Date for monday in ongjin month into a variable Chubby black lesbians kissing comparison in an "if" statement.

How would I do this? Thnx, leslie02 10 Replies. Find all files by month. Hi, I am trying to do achieving of files by months. But lets say i want to list all files that is modified in last months Crontab First Monday of Month only.

Is there a way to setup a cronjob that will only run on the first monday of the month? RedHat Commands. OpenSolaris Commands. Linux Commands. SunOS Commands. FreeBSD Commands. Full Man Repository. Advanced Search. Unanswered Threads. Forum Rules. Mark Forums Read. Thread Tools. View Public Profile for Prathmesh.

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