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Posts Comments. Here is the truth. Many of those starving soldiers and piles of dead bodies you have seen in atrocity photos were NOT Jews, they were Germans. In August Dwight D. Eisenhower who in the early s ordered the assassination of Patrice Lamumba and Henry C.

Morgenthau came up with the Morgenthau Plan to inflict collective punishment upon the German people following the end of the Second World War. Although the plan was officially cancelled, it was in fact implemented. Between and it is estimated between 9 to 15 million ethnic Germans were killed, mainly civilians.

I read about half the book, I have a hunch the author is indeed telling the plain truth, nothing more or less. I was mildly baffled then by their differing accounts: one who surrendered in North Africa was profuse with praise and gratitude for his captors. A couple who were rounded up at the end of the war around the Main river were glad that West Germany had turned out so well under U. My father was the one who recommended the book to me. It is difficult going, because of so much attention to detail, etc.

What to do? I think this episode is like that of slavery in the 19th century. And mostly we have, not one of the old Germans I talked to would have traded places with those who were captured by the Soviets.

This shocking book shreds the notion of a higher moral authority most Americans take for granted as their legacy of victory in WWII. Bacque sifts through reams of Army records and exposes the cover-ups, obfuscations, and downright distortions perpetrated by Army high command in the heady days following Allied victory in Europe.

The death count is staggering, and the behavior of those in command, criminal. All the more so, because this type of spiteful retribution was unbeknownst and contrary to the will of the American people. The foreword is by Dr. Ernest F. Fisher, Jr. A retired Colonel, and senior historian for the U. It is unfortunate, but not surprising, that this book did not inspire more research into the subject of the maltreatment of German POWs or perhaps it did, in which case I am simply not aware of it.

After all, what if Ike really had a pathological hatred of Germans? What if tens of thousands of German POWs died—in peace time—as a result of systematic deprivation and neglect? He merely calls him a revisionist as if that resolves the issue and expresses his regret that the book was allowed to be published.

Watch Eisenhower german death camps for book burners, by whatever name they call themselves! Discovering that Raoul had also saved two German POWs from slave labor, he got into this topic and, with the assistance of a U. Army Col. It examines the treatment of POWs and the employment of slave labor by the western Allies. The tolls he computes: 1. Is this possible? This is important, these books have been attacked as fantasy or worse. I believe that it is. A principal corroberative source I have is the experiences of relatives and family friends.

My cousin Siegfried was captured at the end of the war. The day the war ended the treatment of the POWs went from correct to brutal. He was then sent to France as Eisenhower german death camps forced laborer, and only survived because the major commanding his last camp told the men that he Eisenhower german death camps been a POW for Eisenhower german death camps years and had been treated correctly, and what was being done to them was a terrible crime, and that he would do everything to see Massage haninge xxx porno they survived.

A family friend, formerly a Ford US executive and then with VW, was kidnapped out of his office and sent to France as a slave; his family had no idea what happened to him. Canadian James Bacque has written on the topic yet most give Eisenhower german death camps credence to his claims. Some of Eisenhower german death camps he states I know for a fact to be true, so I try to look at his other claims with a more open mind instead of dismissing them outright.

As soon as the Second World War ended inCanada and the United States began shipping food to the hundreds of Eisenhower german death camps of people who were facing starvation as a result of the war. Unprecedented in world history, this massive program fulfilled the highest ideals for which the Western Allies had fought. Their generosity seemed to have no limit. They fed former enemies — Italy and Japan — as well as a new enemy, the Soviet Union. It is well-known in the West that the Allies hanged Nazis for crimes — the murder of Jews, the brutal mass expulsions, the deadly forced-labour camps, the starvation of entire nations.

It has also been forgotten — or hidden — that the Allies forbade emigration and kept millions of prisoners in forced-labour camps. International charitable aid to Germany was banned for another year, then restricted for more Eisenhower german death camps a year. When it was permitted, it came too late for millions of people. In a plan devised by U. Morgenthau Jr. They slashed production of oil, tractors, steel Eisenhower german death camps other products that had been essential to the war effort.

They cut fertilizer production by 82 per cent. They undervalued German exports which they controlleddepriving Germans of cash needed to buy food. And a large percentage of young male workers were kept in forced-labour camps for years.

The loss of so much fertile land and the drop in fertilizer supplies caused agricultural Eisenhower german death camps to fall by 65 per cent. Sixty million Eisenhower german death camps began to starve in their huge prison. God, it was terrible.

In the West, the plan to dismantle German industrial capacity began at the British headquarters of General Dwight Eisenhower in August, Meeting with Mr. Morgenthau, Gen. Morgenthau took a written version of their discussion to U.

British foreign secretary Anthony Eden, U. Stimson all protested vigorously against the Morgenthau Plan because a pastoralized Germany could not feed itself. Hull and Mr. Stimson told Roosevelt that about 20 million Germans would die if the plan were implemented. Most historians say the Morgenthau Plan was abandoned after the protests, but Mr. Morgenthau himself said it was implemented. In the New York Post for Nov.

I first happened on the outlines of this story while researching my book Other Losses, about Eisenhower german death camps mass deaths of German prisoners of war in Allied camps. For 45 years, historians have never disputed a massive survey conducted over four years by the government of chancellor Konrad Adenauer, which stated that some 1. Each has blamed the other for nearly all the deaths. The fall of the Soviet empire in provided a spectacular test of the truth: If the KGB archives recorded how many Germans died in Soviet camps, the world would know how many died in the West.

InI went to the KGB archives in Moscow, where I was permitted to troll the long, gloomy aisles, free to read and photocopy anything I wanted. Bulanov and others showing thatGermans had died in Soviet camps. Given the figure of 1. In addition, the KGB records show that the Soviets had also imprisoned hundreds of thousands of civilians, of whom many thousands died. Murphy had been chief U. Patterson the secretary for war after Some of Mr.

Murphy in discussing German demographics. He said in a State Department position paper in that the U. Murphy was basing high-level U. In the National Archives in Ottawa, I found a document seized by Canadians inshowing a death rate in the city of Brilon in north-central Germany almost triple the Eisenhower german death camps reported by the Allies for their zones of Germany in The U.

Army medical officer in Germany secretly reported that the actual death rate in the U. These documents in Ottawa, Moscow, Washington and Stanford, recently revealed or long neglected, show that the Allies not only destroyed most major German industry, Eisenhower german death camps also reduced German food production to the point that Germans received less food for long Eisenhower german death camps during several years than the starving Dutch had received under German occupation.

Navy medical officer Eisenhower german death camps the scene. Captain Albert Behnke compared German and Dutch starvation: For months in parts of Germany, Eisenhower german death camps ration set by the occupying Allies was calories per day; in much of Germany it was often around 1, Eisenhower german death camps officially for more than two years it was Eisenhower german death camps more than Eisenhower german death camps, The Dutch always got more than 1, A comparison of the German censuses of and show the effect of the food shortages.

The census showed 5. Murphy had, indeed, been conservative, partly because he underestimated the number of prisoners due to return to Germany from Russia. The total tally of unacknowledged deaths among the prisoners, refugees and non-expelled civilians comes to around nine million people between andfar more than the number who died during the war itself.

All of these deaths were surplus to those actually reported. While Germans starved, the Canadian-U. Former U.

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