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Shelby's Tumblr, cleverly disguised as a yuri trends blog. Girls rarely, if ever, actually kiss. Check it out right now! Hey, guys! I could barely stomach to play it, but for reasons that have eluded me for a very long time. Even more upsettingly, there are accusations that sussing out these elements are somehow the more backwards and destructive attitude to have. To a lesser extent, this is also an attempt to contextualize a disparate Girls kissing cum tumblr and demonstrate that its logic is so entrenched in a real-world sexism that it simply cannot survive on its own without it.

But there is a lot to be said about the handling of both. Another dark day in modern medicine. Upon hearing that all the cool lesbians have healing magic, I remember that my sister probably has it too!

She cures my headaches by banging her head against mine and chants some made Girls kissing cum tumblr magic garbage. Then probably jabs an Excedrin or two up my nose. Now the real work has begun. And what do you know! I suck at it! Girls kissing cum tumblr be fair, she is one thousand percent Girls kissing cum tumblr. Also my first practical lesson is old fashioned bed making, not like, taking blood pressure or making sure vitals are stable or learning how to do an EKG or such.

But I am so goddamn wackily useless, I apparently twist the bedsheets into a rough shape of two people getting it on. After all that, my sister-wife and Foto bugil asia tenggara walk home with the kinky lesbian couple, silently shaming each other all the way.

They reveal their mad bed making skills come from practicing on each other I betand I continue to listlessly wonder why I was born. But Nao steps Girls kissing cum tumblr to the challenge of helping me, and decides to limit my bathroom privileges until I can guess human anatomy correctly. Keep reading. So hey, one point I thought was interesting—you mentioned that Celica and Alm are both emotional people who are very personally invested. His determination to put his army at risk to save a single life was heroic.

But when Celica did it? She was emotionally weak and selfish. Him, the clearly only Badass Real Man? And hey! Maybe, just maybe, what the OP was saying is that the writing was sexist—not even the writers, just the game she expected both of the protagonists to be treated like protagonists.

They added characters, including Brother McSlapSense. They added plot lines. They gave Forsyth a class anxiety. They game Jedah an actual motivation. They gave a flat villain from a completely different goddamn game a different motivation. And what did Celica get? She went from beating off a hoard of zombie dragons protecting Alm while he picked up the Cheat Sword to getting stabbed in the gut.

She got a brother to drag her out of danger for her. And she got cutscene after cutscene of her either worrying about Alm, running after Alm, or getting stabbed by Alm. Paper theme built by Brickspace Lab. Reblogged from: meibatsu-prax. Hall Peeing Addiction 2. Reblogged from: mahnati. Reblogged from: ultimasheir. Girls Kissing.

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