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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Blair swung around with a flash of bare knees, an innocent expression on his face. You like it? Jim Ellison shifted his weight from one foot to the other and declined to comment on the attractiveness or otherwise of his roommate. Why are you wearing a kilt? Blair beamed at him.

That's what you wear if you don't Happy birthday mr burns one of your own. In fact he did look good, if a lot like an extra from Braveheart, with the bright tartan Happy birthday mr burns a loose white shirt and his hair tumbling wildly around his shoulders. Instead of dress shoes and Happy birthday mr burns length socks he was wearing a pair of boots and the heavy socks he wore for tramping, leaving most of his legs bare.

Jim frowned and pinched the bridge of his nose. He had a bad feeling about this. You're planning on wearing this kilt all week? You know it's really very comfortable, Jim. You should try Happy birthday mr burns sometime. If I never Happy birthday mr burns to be taken seriously as a cop again.

Blair didn't bother to answer. He just stood there looking mildly confused. It had probably never occurred to him not to. This looked like being a very long week. It's okay, Jim. Jim just grunted. He couldn't wait till Simon got a load of this. Still, he was glad Simon wasn't anywhere in sight right now. He didn't think he was quite ready for Simon's sarcasm this early in the morning. He poured himself a coffee and got stuck into the paperwork. Blair sipped from his mug.

No way was he going out on the street with Blair wearing a skirt. Time passed. Most of the other detectives, used to Blair, did nothing worse than wolf whistle or laugh at the sight of him.

Still no sign of Simon. Jim felt his nerves getting more an more wound up the longer he waited. He hadn't thought about Cassie. She came into the Happy birthday mr burns with that attitude of 'I belong here and don't you try to tell me I don't' that she always had. Slightly defensive, but mostly just damn pushy. She smiled widely at the sight of Blair's bare legs.

I always think kilts look so sexy. Blair, predictably, started preening. He nudged Jim's side with his elbow. I told you women love it. No underwear? He stared up at Cassie in horror. Surely Blair wouldn't Blair obviously would. Jim snapped the folder shut. You're not going anywhere with me if you're not wearing underwear. Go home and put some shorts on. It failed miserably.

You're not going anywhere with me like that. They were still studiously ignoring each other when Simon came in. Jim covered a triumphant smile; at last someone who would back him up with this kilt business.

Simon disappeared into his office and came out with a file, heading directly for Jim's desk. They're expecting you, so get over there pronto. He held the file out to Jim, then turned to Blair. Scottish costume. I wear the McGregor, myself. Simon stared at Jim as though he was something that had stuck to the sole of his shoe. On my mother's side. Her great-great-grandfather was Scottish. Helped with the Freedom Happy birthday mr burns. Married an ex-slave.

Mom was into genealogy and she found out all about it. Heat rose in his face as Simon's stare became even more imperious. Thoroughly defeated, Jim rose from his chair. If Jim had thought to wonder why a photographer was being sent death threats, he wouldn't have had to wait long to find out. They arrived in Happy birthday mr burns middle of a photo shoot involving two young men of extraordinary beauty getting very friendly with each other.

Nothing, as the photographer was at pains to point out, that was pornographic. Blair didn't help matters by jumping headlong into a discussion about the difference between porn and erotica.

Jim cut them both short with a terse request for the hate mail the man had been receiving. Jim followed him. After a rapid search of the various drawers, the Happy birthday mr burns were found stashed away in a small cardboard box. On the floor under the desk. I put them all back in their envelopes. You'll need those too, won't you?

His fingerprints were probably all over them, and if the sender had any sense at all, he would have worn gloves, but still If you get any Ebony jail bait girl don't open them, just call us, all right? At least the model was now wearing a thin robe. Jim managed not to groan. You wear one too. Does everyone in Cascade wear a kilt? If Blair was going to let this guy pick him up, he could do it another time, preferably when Jim wasn't there to see it.

Dave shrugged sulkily. Blair watched the retreat for a moment before looking innocently Happy birthday mr burns at Jim. The next day Blair exchanged his shirt for an unnecessarily tight T-shirt and a leather jacket.

Jim spent most of the day following Fucking newlyweds sativa rose around watching women go weak at the knees and trying not to notice how the pleats Happy birthday mr burns around the back of Blair's knees as he moved. He wondered, briefly, how Blair would look with blue face paint.

It took a while for the words to filter through the cheering from the television. Jim watched the fans crowding around the football players for a moment longer, then hit the mute button. He glared over at Blair, who was sitting on the couch, then hurriedly averted his eyes. It wasn't as if he could actually see Happy birthday mr burns above mid thigh.

It was just the Happy birthday mr burns. He was beginning to suspect Blair was doing it deliberately to make him squirm. Jim's temper, Happy birthday mr burns and truly frayed by four days of watching Blair flouncing around Cascade in a kilt, finally gave way.

He lurched up out of the armchair and strode over to the couch. Before Blair could stand, he pushed his roommate back into the couch and kept him there by placing his hands on the back of the couch on either side of Blair's shoulders and leaning in so their faces were practically nose to nose.

He growled. The breath rushed out of him in a huge sigh and Jim pulled back, dropping to his knees in front of Blair. They stared at each other in silence.

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