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So a few weeks ago my guy friend and I crossed from friends into more. We started getting more physical kissing, touching, and Losing virginity with a friend naked together. The only reason I didn't have sex with Losing virginity with a friend is because I am a virgin. I am 23 and waiting to find someone Losing virginity with a friend not only trust, but whom I can be in a serious relationship with.

He was respectful of this and told me he didn't care if we ever had sex, though he would love it, he did not care either way, and he enjoyed what we did. My friend and I agreed that we would remain friends and have some benefits on the side. He stays over some nights and we make out, cuddle, get naked, and do a lot of touching. We pretty much almost have sexx, but we don't.

He tells me he is happy and fine with what we do. He tells me he wants to have sexx but never pushes me into anything. He tells me he would never want me to regret anything Losing virginity with a friend take something that is so important to me away.

He is so sweet to me when we are alone together and we both trust each other. He always asks me Losing virginity with a friend I am okay and if I am happy with what he is doing. He genuinely cares for me. He has told me he feels this innate need to protect me from all the bad things in the world, and even though we aren't together, he cares about me a lot.

I have feelings for him, but cannot be in a relationship with him because we have a racial barrier. That is why we agreed on being friends only. I am normally not attracted to African American men, though my family is open and kind to all people, but bringing him home as my boyfriend would be controversial.

My grandparents are old school and a bit racist. To be honest, I always was attracted to white men. I still am. I always pictured myself marrying a white man and having white children whom look like me and my white husband.

I have only dated white men up until now. I truly think that if I was more willing, he would love to have me as girlfriend and jump at the chance, but he holds back because I don't want that.

My friend and I have been talking more and more about having sexx, because we get so close when he comes over. I want to, but I'm afraid I will regret it. At the same time, I am 23 and at this age maybe its time for me. I'm afraid maybe I acting on pure sexual frustration, but at the same time I think what is wrong with that? I don't know what to do. I trust him and care about him, but should I give him my virginity? I'm Losing virginity with a friend that when I meet another man he won't like me as much for not being a virgin, or will judge me for sleeping with my friend as my first time.

Maybe I am not ready for it, but at the same time I want to do it with him. I am so conflicted. I can understand your worries and they are valid.

There was another post on here a few months ago about this subject. Although I do not agree with much of what was said, and to my mind it was racist. It demonstrates the complexity of the issue. A lot of it depends in where you live and the cultural attitudes to inter-racial relationships. Some countries and families are very tolerant, some far less so. My family has all sorts of friends from different places, and I know they would support me dating anyone who Losing virginity with a friend good to me.

But deep down inside I know they would be disappointed I couldn't be with a nice white boy. I want to be Losing virginity with a friend a white man, but my friend happened to just fall in my lap and it just fits. He and I get along Jasmine byrne pornstar latina well. We have this undying chemistry in bed and emotionally as well.

He is so sweet to me. I am always a skeptic when it comes to men, because I know most of them will tell you what you want to hear and they don't care about you, but I feel like because he and I started with a friendship and it grew, that we have mutual trust and respect. I have always been afraid to have sex, and I still am.

With the last guy I was dating, he wouldn't commit to me, so I wouldn't have sex with him. We would get close, and then I would never go the step further because I knew it was wrong, and it felt wrong, so it didn't happen.

With my friend currently, it feels right. I trust him. He cares about me. I actually want to do it. I'm afraid of no longer being a virgin. I am afraid that people will know, or they will judge me. Or worst of all, what if I end up meeting a really great guy and he finds out I slept with my friend, who is still my friend. What if he finds out I lost my virginity to my friend?

He might not want me anymore. Yes, I read the link you sent. Very interesting story. To be openly honest, I always considered myself to be a slightly racist person.

I never looked at black men and found them attractive. I respect all people, unless they give me reason not to, but I have slight prejudice against ethnic people. I think ethnic people have some prejudice against me. I think that is the way the world is. I was raised around white people. My guy friend was raised around a lot of white people and openly likes white woman.

He has had white girlfriends in the past. R elationship T alk. Losing my virginity to my best friend By Alexx39, 4 years ago on Dating.

Johnny Nicks. It really depends on his attitude. Did you read the link I sent you? Those may interest you: Guy best friend has stopped talking to me for no reason :. I told my wife its Losing virginity with a friend to have sex with her male friend. My wife wants her friend in our bed for sex.

I wnt to have sex with my wife's friend. How to go about it? Do guys get emotionally attached to the girl they lost their virginity to? My best friend had sex with Losing virginity with a friend cousin. Should I continue being friends with FWB is acting weird I lost my virginity two nights ago to a friend with Serious anxiety - dumped after losing virginity.

Is losing your virginity the most important decision you will ever make? Never thought men who aren't virgin anymore would care about women's virginity. I cheated on my boyfriend with his friend from work. Is it wrong to want my wife to have sex with a black man? Fear of having sex or losing virginity. Wife had sex with my friend in front of me before we were married. I wanna have sex with my girlfriends friend but I don't know how to go abou My wife of 9 years told me she didn't love me anymore about 3 months ago, I Lost my virginity to my best friend who has a girlfriend.

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