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Story Story Writer Forum Community. When Sakura Kissed the Teacher. Squad 17 by Valzen reviews In which Sakura meets her ANBU team, a captain whom she can easily fall into routine with, a sexist pig and a reserved man that she gets along with quite nicely. Summoning Sakura and kakashi sex when they mature by nimblnymph reviews A short little fic about Kakashi teaching his son how to summon. Future fic for KakaSaku. Happiness by Hyousetsu reviews Through living and losing, Kakashi finds that happiness is not always a happily ever after.

Kakashi centric, implied ItaSaku. Kakashi had never seen the pink haired nurse before that day, but the fact that she wore an eye patch just like him gave them something in common.

Or at least that's what he thought. The Summoning by Clearheart reviews Sakura discovers Kakashi's method of summoning dogs, and Konoha is never the same again. Fairytale contest entry. Predilection by puddle-of-lemonade reviews They were the ones who were left behind.

They took those two and half years they were given and made them their own. KakaSaku friendship, then slow Bearly legal naked women. Kind of Dating by Silberias reviews He'd tell her, when she woke, that he was madly in love with her, and he'd ask if they could change their relationship status from Kind of Dating to something else entirely.

Like Lovers or Old Married People, something concrete. Something to hold on to. What He Never Expected by Silberias reviews Because Kakashi never expected to have daughters, why would he have expected a pink haired son? Completed one-shot.

On Crayon Contracts by Robe a la Anglaise reviews In an encounter some time in the future Kakashi gets a little insight into his past, present, and future. The Truth in Lies by leafygirl reviews A kakasaku Narutoverse adaptation of the William Shakespeare play "Twelfth Night" for the kakasaku community contest. For him, for only him.

All drabbles are words. Reviews are greatly appreciated. The Ronin and the Queen by leafygirl reviews Hatake Kakashi had entered through that door many times in his long gone past. It was the same door he quietly Sakura and kakashi sex when they mature through six years before.

Now he's returned to a changed Village and the mess he left behind. To Protect by therealesther reviews Kakashi wonders, as he uses Sakura and kakashi sex when they mature spare afternoon to go sit in the waiting area of the clinic where Sakura is training, whether he is going too far. Catching Up by Kurai-Hisaki reviews 5 years can change a person, and Kakashi realizes that Sakura was not the same person that he once knew.

It was a rainy day and a girl Sakura and kakashi sex when they mature got lost, and a sofa and a red umbrella. Maybe too many things started too much, things that went out of control, both for the pink and the silver. Roller Coaster by Valzen reviews Because she reached heights that were never her goals and when she was ready to take on the world alone, she found their shadows to stand beside her.

Because when she found her heart, she was prepared to let him go. But Sakura and Kakashi were about to gain so much more from this little Sakura and kakashi sex when they mature. Simplicity by MaidenInTheMoon reviews The paths they walked had converged and diverged, woven in and out of each other like the most complicated of webs.

Never, however, had they expected that one day those two paths might become one. Point of Grace by Shadow. Those Three Words by Soushin reviews When he'd whispered that cold, dark night, the three words that could potentially ruin his friendship with her, he'd found himself liable to pass out.

KakaSaku of course! There will probably be another oneshot or two about them soon, as well. T for language, crack fic Bubblegum by Starseer reviews She could only wonder how he, one of Konoha's elite jounin, had managed to get gum stuck in his hair.

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