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While Smith examined her genital discharges, Kelly burst into tears. Smith knelt down on the floor in between the chairs and drank in the spectacle. Apart from the fact that her entire genital area was covered with a dense, fan shaped forest of coarse, extremely curly black Show me your piss flaps, there was no aspect of her private anatomy that he couldn't now sniff or get immediate access.

But on first inspection, only the outer edges Show me your piss flaps her thick, colouful piss-flaps were clearly visible. They hung out into space like the huge, distended, wrinkled up wattle of some alien black turkey.

Down the centre, Show me your piss flaps they had stuck back together, he could just make out a thin ribbon of some glutinous, milky substance which was now oozing out uncontrollably along the seam. Your African pubes are so Show me your piss flaps -- not like normal hairs at all are they? They're more like wire than hair.

No wonder you never let any man see it before She Show me your piss flaps too sure what reaction she had been expecting, but most likely it was one of appreciation, not horror. But of course she couldn't begin to understand the mindset Show me your piss flaps Smith's peculiar and disgusting fetish and the total delight and fascination he had experienced as she spread her legs in front of him and revealed, for the very first time, the full splendour of her hairy, smelly snatch.

Please show me again, only this time trying squatting right down on your haunches to support yourself -- it will be much more comfortable -- and then use your hands to pull your knees as wide apart as they will go.

I smell so bad. Your cunt is really very smelly indeed -- a toxic blend of fascinating aromas from all different areas of your genitals. Probably no other man could bare it, but you see, I am really turned on by the foul, shameful smells that you make down there Would any other man dare to get between your legs? Now open up your legs again for me would you. I'm so looking forward to sniffing you right up close This time I want to have a proper look at your cunt Kelly, but at my leisure this time, that's why I suggested you squat down a bit.

You haven't forgotten our arrangement already surely? As her buttocks settled down onto the heels of Hot nude sexy redhead feet, she carefully reached forward to grasp her knees. Then, being careful to retain her balance, she Kenya big woman nude spread her inner thighs wide open so that Mr Smith could feast his eyes on the most secret private areas of her body.

He stared by studying her pubic growth in detail. As he had expected from a woman of African-American origin, her pubes were indeed very wiry, starting out as a random, ragged assortment of short, tightly curled hairs, some thin and wispy, others thick like stubble, growing right up close to her tummy button. From there they started to spread out all across the lower contours of her stomach until they became so long and dense that it was almost impossible to see the shape and colour of her pubic Show me your piss flaps. Undaunted by the abrupt change of direction, the hairs spilled out all around the slopes of her inner thighs, eventually thinning out to Show me your piss flaps rough stubble, about three inches distant from her panty line.

Deep in each of her thighs, there was a marked bald patch dotted with angry spots and broken off hairs -- evidence of chaffing as she walked along with her damp, thick, sweaty legs rubbing together. Closer in to her hole, especially down the sides and underneath, the loose curly pubes formed up into thick, shiny black coils.

On closer inspection he could see that in fact her hairs where firmly glued together with the dried-in residue of her vaginal discharges. He then shifted his gaze to study the central feature of Kelly's spread-open crotch. There, pushing out through the thick curly Show me your piss flaps pelt like a ripening fruit, were the massive crinkly flaps of her vagina.

They were so dark as to be almost blue, with a very slight tinge of maroon along the extreme outer edges - now glistening from the migration of her inner juices as they leached along the join like a thin film of yoghurt. At full stretch, her big black flaps were well over an inch long. Fold them over to one side for me so I can see what colour the skin is in there and what sort of crud gets lodged in the hidden creases. A few random hairs had survived in the slimy recess and deeper in, lodged in the normally hidden creases at the base of her inner labia -- now stretched open for Mr Smith's inspection -- were blobs and streaks of a cheesy, grey coloured residue.

He knew all at once it was the smelly smegma generated from the fermentation, over time, of her vaginal discharges mixed with up dried, flaking skin cells which had collected in the creases. Clearly she did not wash herself very thoroughly. I want to taste what that stuff is in there," he pointed at her smeg.

Keep away from me. You have to co-operate. Hope you enjoy it. It was the most vile, pungent combination of stale piss, sweat and very ripe fish he had ever experienced. Lower down, as her lips blended out to almost nothing he could clearly see the ugly, bulging knot of her Show me your piss flaps black anus. Though it was partially obscured by random sprigs of thick pubic Show me your piss flaps that hung out of her asscrack into clear space, her hole was slimy looking and peppered with a granular substance which looked a bit like large grains of sugar.

But in reality he knew that what he was actually looking at was a mess of tiny, shredded scraps of toilet tissue, embedded in the creases of her sphincter, from when she had last wiped Show me your piss flaps bottom. As he allowed the tip of his nose to brush against her anal hairs, he noticed how the fishy odour of her filthy cunt was now completely overpowered by the distinctive musty, shitty reek of her unwashed asshole.

He dabbed his fore finger against the rubbery, puckered hole Show me your piss flaps stirred it around in the slimy filth, allowing himself to pull on a few individual, hanging pubes as he went. He then sniffed his fingers. The smell of your bottom is indescribable Kelly - too filthy even for me to lick.

You didn't say I couldn't eat you. No man would ever want this! Please pull open your flaps and allow me to lick out your cunt. As she fumbled to prise the two flaps apart, Smith continued to sniff and snort the rancid odours around her lumpy, bulbous anus.

Finally, holding each of her cunt flaps between the thumb and forefinger of each hand, she slowly pulled them open so Smith could look right up inside her exotically coloured, albeit disgustingly, smelly hole. Her labia had a peculiar appearance -- it reminded him of the skin on an elephant's ear -- mottled grey and purple, criss-crossed with deep creases and horribly ragged round the outer edges Once unfurled and released, they hung down all loose and leathery; revealing little streaks of white scum on the inner faces.

Smith was intrigued by the stark contrast between the jet black edges of her hanging flaps, the random array of black wiry coils that sprouted out all around the sides and the pastel-coloured, pinky-purple hues that appeared inside her vagina.

So much more interesting that a white woman's. Looking closely at the skin texture between her cunt and her anus, in the area of her perineumhe could see how the unusually smooth looking flesh Show me your piss flaps stretched taught in thin ridges. It was almost translucent. Here, where her labia petered out into almost nothing, at the base of her slit, a band of three or four dark brown ridges ran almost horizontally under her cunt, framing the lower edges of her slit.

Deep in the creases, he could see more of that whitish, pasty residue that had formed like cheese in the folds of her lips as they rubbed together.

Her thick coily pubes, so prolific around her cunt, disappeared to almost nothing Show me your piss flaps this most hidden of places, only to sprout out again like coarse black weeds around the perimeter of her anus. He could not see any further into her ass crack without Show me your piss flaps her turn around. As he inspected her genitalia and peered into her hole, unexpectedly, involuntarily, she dilated her cunt.

Wow, your actual cunt hole is actually really very big isn't Show me your piss flaps All around, the inner walls of her cunt were coated in a bubbling, translucent emulsion of white cream. He moved in with his tongue at full stretch and started to lick it. As he lapped up her discharge, the tip of his tongue ran over several hard white spots that grew out on the inner face of her left piss flap. You really do stink down here Kelly -- I need some air.

It was both ugly and magnificent all at the same Show me your piss flaps. A small unsightly skin tag hung off the lower edges of the hood. Ignoring his need for fresh air, Smith immediately clamped his Show me your piss flaps over the engorged glistening orb and drew it up into his mouth. He rolled her clit around his tongue for a few moments then started sucking on it for all he was worth.

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