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Thank-you for your co-operation. Back in the day, we used to call these "missle tits," the delightful "traffic-cone" effect created by the NASA-inspired I suppose bras of the early 60s. You needed a well shaped and Sue ann langdon nude bosom to make these work, and here is year old Sue Ane displaying her absolutely perfect pair in Wonder if Sue ann langdon nude Connery and Tony Curtis ever got a piece of that?

How to describe this look? A mix of sultry and impish Of course, that's assuming you can tear your eyes away from staring at her chest The Following 38 Users Say Thank You to qwerty17 For This Useful Post: A Wise BirdberiganbombermousedaveyDavid Rogersfalcongamer1aglensullivangregjhaRpbulLjoe guttsjomamakarlafonglarrymohrmarkthesharkmartin76mindermitchspurMoonmanparavertpeziPHcoupleFanPreez60RamenkaramKon20rfsimpsonrlgSam Spadespooledta2ta4teabagsthe popethramj Sue ann langdon nude, TornadoofsoulswomwamZargonzimbimzwaik.

More missile Sue ann langdon nude eBay find. Another image from the railroad promotional trip with Jackie Gleason promoting the new edition of the Honeymooners skits. Good lord what a fabulous ass that woman had In she appeared in a stage production Sue ann langdon nude Hello, Dolly! These shots appear to come from so she would have been about 20years old when she was a dancer and chorus girl at Radio City Sue ann langdon nude Hall.

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All times are GMT. The time now is AM. Sue Ane Langdon. User Name. Remember Me? Best Porn Sites. Mark Forums Read. Page 3 of Thread Tools. A Wise BirdbarbararyburnberiganBoomerdaveyfalcongamer1aglensullivangregjhaRpbulLjoe guttsjomamakarlafongL00Nlarrymohrmartin76minderMoonmanOld DudeparavertpeziPHcoupleFanramKon20rfsimpsonta2ta4teabagsthe popethramjTornadoofsoulsSue ann langdon nudezaphod08Zargonzimbim.

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