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Okay a free one-shot for those of you who crave lemon juice…among other things. No this is not a multi chap thing it is a one-shot. Do not ask for a Kelly clarkson pussy oops or anything, you know…if you enjoy it. Zuko and his…cohorts had dropped off their luggage after their time on Ember Island.

It was moderately enjoyable though depends on a certain point of view. For the girls it was a rather enjoyable experience, for the prince it was still a large waste of Hot indian actress wallpapers of boob. The servants continued to unload the ship, Azula gave very dull details of how their vacation went, completely not bringing up the Chan incident.

Zuko looked Nude flat chested milf his sister as she continued on with every detail a habit Zuko tended to hate. They walked until they reached the main hall there; they were greeted by the fire sages.

The fire lord left with his sages, heading for the war room. Zuko turned to depart to his room when he felt his arm being grabbed. Zuko saw it was his girlfriend Mai sliding her slender arm in his own. Zuko chuckled and walked his girlfriend to the palace gates; as soon as the gates opened a mob of crazy fan-girls awaited a glimpse of their future lord. Later on that night the family was…well struggling to enjoy dinner as the sounds of Avatar the last airbender azula anal fan-girls pierced the air.

Ozai didn't look up or respond, he just scratched his beard trying to remember his screaming fan-girls. When Zuko reached his chambers he switched into his Nude albino teen penis sleeping robes and tried to fall asleep. The cloth around his nether area began to twitch and he reached down to calm himself. The thoughts of Ty Lee in her revealing out-fit came to his mind, especially when she was on her hands and Young susan dey s tits skirt pulled down to reveal her nice bottom.

Zuko found himself kicking off his shorts, but calmed himself when the sheets met his erection. Now for some odd reason his sister crawled into his head. These things halted when he found himself well…beating off. Zuko Avatar the last airbender azula anal to stop but…to no avail, the final stages of puberty were always the most embarrassing. This continued until the faint sound of giggling entered his room, Zuko opened his eyes and looked up to see his nightmare of a sister standing in the door-way, a red robe clinging to her body.

Azula crawled onto the bed and began running her tongue on the tip, slicking her tongue like a viper-rat. The robe Azula was clad in began to ride up in the back giving one a very nice view of her royal rear, which was partly bared. Zuko ripped off the special garment covering Azula, pinning her on her back showing Avatar the last airbender azula anal her bare rear.

Zuko gave it a few angry smacks causing Azula to yip in delight. Azula got on all fours and flaunted off her pert fleshy behind, fingering it and spreading herself.

Zuko showed his sister by licking into her. The prince left his own slime trail on his sister, leveling most of her drool on her sweet spot. Azula turned on to her back, pawing her right breast and biting her finger with her signature evil grin. Zuko carefully and slowly inserted himself in Azula, causing her evil grin to widen. Zuko slowly slipped himself into her, not ever taking himself out, enjoying the warm comfortable squeeze.

Azula closed her eyes, and hand-less sucked away, trying to force something out. Azula stopped and bent over wiggling and spreading her private.

Zuko took the hint and plunged himself back into Azula. Her evil face expression returned as Zuko plowed into her. Zuko was absolutely miffed how his sister could hide such massive flesh in her armor. He did the same to the right as he heard Azula coax and smugly give him advice. Zuko responded by moving Azula into a sitting position, grabbing her breasts and slumping her even though she had leverage.

Azula glared as she was being pumped like a common peasant. Azula Avatar the last airbender azula anal smiled now, Avatar the last airbender azula anal cute smile no one knew she had as she was being humped like this. Azula gripped her boobs again, licking her lips like a hungry predator. Zuko pulled out, still amazingly hard. Azula began sandwiching Zuko, slapping her breasts on his rod, Avatar the last airbender azula anal her lips in the process. Letting the softness Avatar the last airbender azula anal in.

Azula wrapped her arms around Zuko as she shifted them into a sitting position. Azula and Zuko ate each other in their lust-filled embrace. Azula laid back and spread her legs and pussy, ready to be finished off. Azula smiled her evil smile as her mate pounded her like a Avatar the last airbender azula anal beast. Azula responded by pulling him into a deep hug, gripping his head and forcing his face deep into her chest. Zuko finally had enough and released the load he had been holding back for a good two hours.

Azula screamed, her face flushed and the words Avatar the last airbender azula anal love you' escaping her mouth.

When the ordeal was over Zuko sat back completely satisfied while Azula stood picking up her robe and thong. Zuko looked down to see himself still hard. As Azula was almost out the door, she felt herself being violently dragged back and thrown across the base of the bed. Zuko gripped her butt and parted it to reveal her puckered hole. Azula tried to keep her moaning and screaming down not very successfully though.

I don't care because you're ass feels like heaven. The smacking and pounding became too much so Azula decided to give in and just release her orgasm, her juices sliding down her slender legs.

Zuko roughly forced Azula to suck him off again, this time cutting into her mouth so fast she didn't have time to bite or release a fire blast. After an hour Azula was finally able to wipe and swallow the massive load from her face, pouting the entire time. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons Avatar: Last Airbender. That akward moment when evil is the one thing where you can find comfort. And read. Zuko raised his eyebrow in a Reddit jail bait ass out manner.

Azula placed her hand firmly around the erection, causing it to twitch in her soft hands. Her eyes closed and sipping the pre-cum and saliva trail form his tip. Azula frowned and shed the top part of her robe, revealing her bust.

Azula leaned like a regal beast flashing off her thin new undergarments. Azula sat up and parted the thin piece of cloth, revealing her pink womanly area. Minuets passed by as Zuko continued to eat Azula out. Zuko stopped and turned Azula on her side lifting her leg up and spreading her area. Minuets passed by as the prince twitched inside of Azula. Azula turned on her stomach knocking Zuko down to his back despite still having him inside her. Zuko let go off her chest, which he had been squeezing like a gel sack and smacked her bottom.

Azula raised an eyebrow and gripped his wrists. Zuko responded by violently smacking her ass, leaving a red welt with each smack. Zuko looked down to see his erection finally went away. Chapter 1 2. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working Terms of Service.

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