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The majority of women undergo a lifetime or at least an adult lifetime of pap smears that never result in a call-back. The sooner you address the issue the better in terms of Can sex before a pap smear. There are a number of things that can cause these results, including:. A repeat pap smear. You will go through the same procedure as before — where a cervical culture is captured and sent to the lab — and will wait for the results to come back. A colposcopy.

This procedure is a little more in-depth than a pap smear. For a colposcopy, we brush acetic acid you may catch a slight vinegar-like whiff over the cervical tissue and look at it with a special light and lens.

The acid allows abnormal cells to become more visible. If we see abnormal cells, we will proceed with a biopsy. Biopsy or endocervical curettage. For this procedure, an abnormal tissue area, as seen by the colposcopy, will be removed and sent to the lab for further analysis.

It may be necessary to remove tissue from more than one site. You can take an over-the-counter pain medication to alleviate any related discomfort. In most cases, it will take about one to two weeks for the results of your biopsy to come back. Keep in mind that most biopsies result in the news that you are perfectly healthy and that your abnormal pap results were a fluke!

Your doctor will schedule a follow-up appointment if necessary, especially if any treatment will be required. Thank you for the straight-forward information on abnormal pap smears.

Very helpful! Can someone answer? I had a Pap smear and got a call that it was abnormal but she told me to comeback in a year for another one. Should I go to another doctor and get another one? Atypical cells and a positive HPV test. Everything I read and know indicates either a culposcopy or annual follow up. What Can sex before a pap smear prompt a physician to do a 3 month follow up pap? Morgan and lulu that is weird only because i had an abnormal pap when i was 15 and they had me come right in to do another came back abnormal then i had a biopsy that came back either pre cancerous or cancerous i cant remember as that was ten years ago and had to get a leep procedure done to remove it i would definitely get another opinion from an obgyn as to be on the safe side but what i am concerned about are what are the chances of me having another abnormal pap smear?

I saw your post and i am in the same situation. What is done during the leep procedure? How are you cells now? Im only 23 and not sexually active. So i dont how this came about. A leep is not a huge deal. There is minimal pain after and everything is fine within a week or 2.

Hope all is well. They make you do 3 month or Can sex before a pap smear month follow — ups for a while, then back to annually. Hope all went well. Thanks for reaching out. We understand your concerns. We would prefer to discuss Can sex before a pap smear health Girl fucking in roy through one of our offices.

Hi i had displasia of cervacal i had leep and cone. Dr said am clear now. And i should not worried about it beacuse recourent wont happend.

There are Can sex before a pap smear reasons your pap smear test came back abnormal that will be unrelated to STDs menstrual blood, Dysplasia. Hi, I just happened to stumble upon this Can sex before a pap smear doing research. I was then scheduled for a colposcopy a week later last week where the results came back Mild-Moderate Cervical Dysplasia with signs of HPV. Even though I just had a Pap smear and colposcopy Can sex before a pap smear it safe to get another opinion from elsewhere before the LEEP procedure?

This is all sudden and new to me so I have a lot of questions. We understand that an abnormal pap smear can produce a lot of questions and concerns. Getting a second opinion when it comes to a medical procedure is never a bad option. To continue this dialogue, we would prefer to discuss private health Can sex before a pap smear through one of our offices.

HI so i have many questions, i took a pap smear about 3 weeks ago and im 16 weeks pregnat. We would love to provide you some further advice, but in order to continue this dialogue, we would prefer to discuss private health information through Can sex before a pap smear of our offices.

I think I can speak for ask the women out there who are freaked out and seeking this information to be better informed and therefore better armed and prepared for the negative side, and also easing some of our misconceptions, worries and helping at least a little to easy some of the anxiety that comes with freaking with this subject.

LoL now South acterss potn pics you are still reading thank you! Seriously thank you! With that being said…. I just recently received multiple messages from the doctors office to get in touch with them. When I did get in touch approximately a week to 2 as I was out of town they said that I needed to come in for another pap in 3 months but did not and would not tell me anything more…!.?

I was not even asked to come in for Desperate housewives actrice porno follow up appointment to talk over my results or anything! I just heard this news…over the phone… just now… then igot off of the phone … and began to cry historically!!! Is this a normal practice? What is the likely reason for my return pap in 3? And why was Can sex before a pap smear informed in such a way? Did that mean anything different?

Thank you for reading my emotional rant. Hi I had a pap smear that came back abnormal my doc said I had mild dysplasia the first and with this coming back abnormal again I have to go in fora test with the microscope what could this be? Hi Brandi! Or the bleeding?? Anything would help. I have had several pap smears come back Can sex before a pap smear. When I was 18 I was told to go see a specialist to see if it was precancerous.

Till this day they come back abnormal. A few months ago I had a biopsy that came back okay. I have to go back in 6 months after the pap smear to do another one.

I went in for an emergency pap in October because i was having a lot of paiN and abnormal bleeding. The dr told me i have hpv Can sex before a pap smear abnormal cells. I was irate. Still am. She never told me the results for that one. So i never knew until now. My cells are already abnormal and apparently i have had this for at least a year now without any knowledge of it… now im having complications.

Im on the depo and for the last few years while on the depo, the only time i bleed is a week before im due for another shot every 3 months. Any Idea on what Can sex before a pap smear should do?? That is so weird. Cervical cancer is in both sides of my family. I was told I tested positive for HPV. He done my third pap today. What could be the causes? I had a baby in septjan had an abnormal pap test, doc only told me now and its septI need to go for a colposcy and biopsy, scared to death.

I am My Pap smear came back abnormal, my std testing came back clean. My dr decided to go straight to a biopsy. What can this mean? HiI had a abnormal pap come back. Should I do more testing. I had a pap a year ago October and it came back abnormal and they said told me to schedule a follow up in a year so I scheduled one in October and today I got the results and they are abnormal still and they asked me to come in and do a colposcopy!

I have had a negative STD testing and so I am terrified of what this could mean. I have had abnormal pap smears for 33 years i stopped having them because all they did is reorder another so Great anime porn online i had then i actually ended up getting 3 my dr just ask me to take one and sure enough my first one in 15 years and still abnormal so now they want me to go to a obgyn.

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