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From school-sanctioned mass make-out sessions to naked runs across campus, here Tall lady sexed standing naked 16 raunchy, drunken and just plain odd college campus traditions.

We're College football girls naked making these up — all are confirmed by recent graduates. There's lots of [body] hair. It's not pretty. The lacrosse fraternity waits for the first snow of the year. Once the main campus bar closes, everyone heads to old campus and the frat's pledges have to return punts in their thongs.

Meanwhile, football players are all there to tackle them into the snow. Legend says the ball was supposed to spin when a truly 'good' girl walked past it — 'good' meaning virginal, pearl-wearing, Southern and Christian to the core — but of course College football girls naked ball never moved. At some point the College football girls naked was either stolen or enough parents complained about it never spinning when their daughters walked past it that the school had to weld the ball into its little iron holster, so now there's no chance of it spinning ever again.

College football girls naked Library, another one on campus, has rooms with two-way mirrors in the middle of the floor that people try to have sex in too. Paul, Minnesota. There was a huge old memorial bell no one knew what it was memorializingand the tradition was to ring the bell right after losing your Mac virginity — the first time you had sex on campus.

Every time the bell rang, people would lean out of dorm windows to applaud. Probably because it's so warm. In the end, it ends up being a big food fight and everyone gets covered in whipped cream. It's published in the school paper the next day and they're always trying to break the record.

The hippie dorm always streaks through the middle of it. The only reverse to the curse is to sleep with someone under the Claes Oldenburg sculpture of a broken button outside the main library. There is room for two small people down there — and there are definitely people who do try it. The point is supposed to be to showcase student College football girls naked and achievements, so there are art shows and stuff like that.

But everyone uses the day off to get drunk and party in the street. It's called MayFest. A lot of people burn things in the middle of the street, including couches. People really like to roast couches. We called it the Nipple of Knowledge. Some people wear capes and hats, but no underwear. They say naked thrills always inspire effective studying. Michigan our rival football game at the end College football girls naked November, everyone on campus jumps into Mirror Lake, the lake on campus.

Everyone is completely wasted and usually in bikinis or as little clothing as possible. There end up being tens of thousands Black african hairy pussy. people at this lake and it's insane and always usually below College football girls naked out and often snowing. It's completely illegal and totally awesome. But before football games, there was a university-sanctioned version of tailgaiting, i.

Duke's Tailgate took place in a parking lot outside of the football stadium, where everyone would go for three hours before game time in outlandish, revealing costumes, get insanely, aggressively intoxicated and then go back to their dorms and pass out. And of course, when the administration discontinued College football girls naked tailgates, the students went on an ultra-entitled rebellion because they no longer had their 'rights.

The engineers try to heckle the architects. It's called Dragon Day and it is really a very strange thing to watch. Posted on May 16,GMT. Hillary Reinsberg. Via schc. Via photos. Via en. Via umgoblue. Via deadspin. Via cnbc. Via liveinternet. Via underthebutton. College football girls naked rtn Via Flickr: sisudave. Via Flickr: uconnalumni.

It's a mud volleyball tournament. Via rivals.

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