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I just flew into San Francisco two hours earlier. We go to a party for people from the university. Bosco grabs two beers from the fridge and hands me one. The house is filled with poets and short story writers. Jackets are piled on the bed in the bedroom and people are laying on them or on the floor telling stories about losing their virginity.

Everybody has an MFA so every story has a small inappropriate observation. It was the day after my best friend committed suicide. I left home before I was his age. I ran away just after my mother died and slept on rooftops and hallways for all of eighth grade. The state took custody of me and charged my father with abuse and neglect. My father Dad fucks son slutload I never really mended our relationship.

He remarried, made money, moved to the suburbs, had children. I wrote a book about growing up in group homes and the violence there. My father thinks I have exaggerated my victimhood at his expense. He thinks he should have been a worse Dad fucks son slutload because it would have helped my writing. So I was surprised when he suggested Bosco come out and stay with me. I was more surprised, when, after saying yes, I found out the ticket was for ten days. Dad fucks son slutload I have to keep telling myself is that Bosco is a kid and being a kid is hard.

He sleeps on the wooden floor, his feet inches from my head. Stay on your side of the line. We try, we try. We head to First time tied and gagged Orbit Room where my ex-girlfriend is getting drunk with her friends. I worry that my brother will think I drink too much. Then I worry that maybe I do drink too much. Theresa is wearing blue jeans and a torn black shirt.

Theresa has been at the protests all day in Oakland. The Orbit room has round cement tables that are four feet high and people sit around them on tall stools. Bosco Dad fucks son slutload off talking to someone.

Also, my apartment is too small. Can we stay with you? My father always spoke Dad fucks son slutload women as if they were frozen meat. Bosco would be in her extra bedroom and I would be on the inside of the spoon. A child sleeps on my floor. The morning is full of rain. I watch my hands as I type. I have scars up and down my wrist from all of my suicide attempts.

My father writes to say that Dad fucks son slutload fourteen-year-old cousin went to a concert once and became a doper and now my uncle is going to throw him out. I hate email for this Dad fucks son slutload. I tell my Dad fucks son slutload that I was doing dope long before my first concert and that maybe my uncle should be a little more thoughtful in assigning blame. My father tells me my uncle has a family to think about.

The situation where the family must abandon one of its own for the good of the whole. Because I was a drug addict and he had to think of the family. But my family was just two people then, my father and my sister. I introduce Bosco to Amber, a sixteen-year-old girl from the writing program where I volunteer as a tutor. A whole week more.

She can make Bosco into a better person. Young boys are so easy to manipulate. They only think of one thing. Amber takes Bosco back to her home in the Haight District. I take the opportunity to get some work done, push his things into the back of the studio and do the dishes. I live on a busy street.

Dirt from exhaust pipes builds up along the base. My little brother has something more to say. He Dad fucks son slutload that kid smile. I raise my eyebrow. My brother and I have a card-playing ancestry. Our grandfather played cards every day of his adult life. He was an absentee father. He worked during the Dad fucks son slutload and played cards at night. My uncle said he nearly gambled away their house.

I get paired up with my brother. After one more beer apiece, Bosco and I stumble home arm in arm. The restaurants are closed; the world is asleep. When people ask him what he did in San Francisco, Bosco will say he got drunk. There is absolutely nothing to do in my apartment except read, write and get drunk. Walking near Polk street I offer to pay for Bosco to go to bed with a transvestite prostitute.

We stop to see Theresa at a reading in a used bookstore. I slip my Drugged sex videos passed out unconcious under her foot, which dangles off the armrest of a comfy chair.

She moves it away. Later, at the Pakistani restaurant near Guerrero, we split rice, naan, and an Dad fucks son slutload of chicken tikka masala. Bosco wants to go to a concert with Amber and her friends but I say no, not unless I chaperone.

We call and they say no. He calls my stepmother back and begs her. But mom. I feel so old. The club is near the warehouses and the waterfront. Teenagers are sprawled across the sidewalk. I go inside, sway to the punk music. The first band poured motor oil on the floor so people can slide while they listen to music. I help the clean up crew mop the mess and Bosco disappears with some of the girls. You can leave him with us. On the way to the train Bosco walks with his new friend Mickey.

It makes me happy to see him bonding. These are good kids, except Dad fucks son slutload they are stoners and two years older than him. They are very kind children, environmentalists. The children say they are doing fine. I think of my own mother who died painfully for five years on the living room couch.

She used Masseuses massage and fucking busty milf titjob pee in a bucket and I would Dad fucks son slutload to walk her pee to the bathroom and flush it in the toilet. And she would refuse, so I would yell and scream. And then she would give in, because Dad fucks son slutload was too ill and weak to fight. Then my father stopped giving her money. Sometimes I would yell at her and other times I would curl up with her, laying my head on the quilted blanket covering her legs.

I remember loving her and hating her. I remember how often she cried. Children are horrible. Children are monsters. And yet most people my age have them.

I do too, in a way. I Dad fucks son slutload a sperm donor for about a Dad fucks son slutload when I was living Best voyeur mom upskirt my car.

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