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Maine Passenger issue base. This baseplate was Maine breast cancer plate to all vehicles at the end of and new registrants during This was an odd base in Maine breast cancer plate it contained both a sticker box at the top right of the plate and also slots for a metal date tab. Tabs were discontinued in Maine after and were never used on this baseplate. Maine Passenger issue. This plate would have been issued inas the embossed "68" was removed at the end of This occurred somewhere around plate number Note that the slots for the date tab remain.

Same series as above, but starting around plate numberthe tab slots were removed. Each year, motorists were instructed to place the sticker in the next corner of the plate, moving clockwise.

This is rather a unique system, as most other jurisdictions chose to have the sticker remain in the same location on the plate year after year. The green "71" sticker is dutifully placed in the Maine breast cancer plate left corner of the plate. Sticker on top left. Kind of a neat-looking plate with the repeating "straight line" ones in the serial.

This plate marks a minor base variation, as the sticker box was removed. This occurred somewhere around plate numberironically just in time for the "73" sticker which would be placed in the top right corner where the box had been.

This Maine breast cancer plate also carries the dreaded "" combination. I'd been told that the state officially skips over the "" plate of each series currently, but I recently saw plate number GR on the road, which would seem to debunk that theory. This Maine breast cancer plate was issued to all vehicles at the end of and new registrants in Plates numbered under saw the return of the sticker box at the top right.

This plate was intended to be used untilbut was extended through several minor base variations through June of Maine started staggered registration in based on the last number of the baseplate. Plates ending in "0" were set to expire in October,plates ending in "1" got November,and so on through July, "9" plates. This plate shows the missing sticker box on higher-number issues. If you look at the back Maine breast cancer plate the plate, however, you can see where the box was cut off of the border die.

The embossed "74" was dropped from Maine passenger plates starting with plate number This new undated baseplate was issued to new registrants starting in January, and carrying stickers for This plate, for example, Maine breast cancer plate issued in March, and expired in March, This plate was one from an odd series.

As previously mentioned, Maine dropped Maine breast cancer plate embossed "74" at plate number in anticipation of 's arrival.

Near the end ofhowever, it was apparently realized that more plates would be needed, so the "74" was added back to the plate in the mid series through These bases are different from the standard plate in that the state name has been Maine breast cancer plate to the right of the bolt hole instead of having the "M" under the hole.

Due to the embossed date situation, these plates Maine breast cancer plate typically issued before the previous series through mid Again, the embossed date was removed from the baseplate after plate number This base is more or less identical to the one immediately above, but with the "74" dropped. This time for good. On this issue, "Maine" has been moved back to the left and the "M" is once again below the bolt hole, as it was for previous issues.

Starting with plate number"Maine" moved back to the right and away from the bolt hole once again. You'd think they would have made up their minds by now Well, since nobody could agree on whether to place "Maine" below or beside the bolt hole, the logical thing to do was to center it. This occurred somewhere near the "" series of plates.

This was also at about the time that the state was deciding not to reissue new plates in as originally planned, so leaving room for an embossed date plate such as the or issue was not necessary. After plate number was reached inthe series rolled over to 1 A. Lower number "A" suffix plates and below were centered and had no space before the "A. I recall being very excited upon seeing my first "A" plate from the school bus on my way to fourth grade April, The other kids thought I was weird.

Can't really argue the point These plates are of lesser quality than standard Maine breast cancer plate plates of the era in that they have a slightly rough surface to the plates. This condition is common to every "B" plate I've ever seen, and unique to that series. Maine breast cancer plate also noted this on some Massachusetts plates of the same timeframe, which certainly makes sense.

Yet another minor variation for the completist, I guess. Another Massachusetts-produced "B" series plate. A small portion of the series manufactured in Massachusetts were made in this incorrect format with a dash in the center B, as opposed to the correct B. Not coincidentally, the "dash in the center" format was used on Massachusetts single-alpha suffix plates for years, explaining why the prison workers down there probably made this error.

This plate has a couple other imperfections, such as the glob of paint above the top border at the right and the unpainted border at the bottom left. This plate's been on something of a wild ride. My Dad found it for me in a parking lot back instill attached to the plate bracket from the car it apparently fell off of.

I kept it for years, then traded it in when I figured I didn't need any more black and white Maine plates. When I decided to do this year-by-year run, however, I realized Maine breast cancer plate I was lacking a decent '82 and kicked myself for having traded it. As fate would have Maine breast cancer plate, however, the collector I traded it to decided to unload some plates, this one included, so I managed to buy it back four years later. If plates could talk Nothing special about this one, really, aside from the sticker being in the wrong corner should've been top left.

The state was slowly creeping up through the alphabet at this point, averaging about a letter and a half per year. Note the new sticker design, used from October, through the end of the black-on-white plate series the last sticker was June, The state again stuck with their "year begins in October" system, so stickers from Oct. This guy got the "lower" part right, but put the sticker on the left, rather than the right.

Plates of this era that had a serial number less than 10, were issued in a centered format. Later on, the format would be changed such that the letter always remained at the right edge of the plate and the number would be placed to the left of the letter, essentially in the same place regardless of how many digits were used in the number. I believe that this change was made at the "H" series. Wrong corner for Maine breast cancer plate sticker on this plate, January 85 should have been lower right.

I guess the change confused some motorists. Nothing special about this plate, either, except that this motorist actually got the sticker in the proper corner. This base variation was marked by the removal of the outside border of the plate and the addition of two debossed sticker boxes in the bottom corners. This baseplate was issued from plate number K through M. I think this is my favorite revision of the black-on-white base, but probably only because my first-ever car had a set.

The last hurrah of the black-on-white base, and the return of the border. The only difference between this plate and the previous bordered issue is in Big ass boobs fucking dies used for "Maine" note the difference in the top of the "A". This style plate was issued from M through the end of the series, around N.

This plate was actually a leftover and Maine breast cancer plate issued. Ah, what can you say about the Maine lobster plate? This issue was introduced in and was the state's first graphic baseplate. This plate has had mixed reviews since its introduction, with critics complaining that it only represents one small sector of the state, that it depicts a dead, cooked animal, and that it's just plain ugly.

The previous state law against modifying plates was changed due to this plate's unpopularity, making it legal to paint over the lobster. This plate design was the result of a class project in my hometown's elementary school, and believe me, the prototype was a lot uglier.

The "big red bug" plate made its final exit on June 30, Initial Lobster plates were issued in a five-number, one-letter format, from 1 P to Z. A few plates in the "O" series were produced as well, I believe less than sets of these were produced. The regular format for these plates was a A format, starting with the "P" series.

Some circa numbers such as this, however, were re-issued to their current holders when the plate change was made to the lobster base.

Therefore, there are still a number of all-numeric issues or plate numbers with letters before "P" on the road. This was done as a compromise measure to help satisfy motorists who were upset at having to turn in their older "premium" plates.

Regular format lobster plate. The initial plate issue of lobster bases ran from plate number 1 P through around the middle of the "W" series. This plate shows the one change that was made to the standard Maine die set during the changeover to the lobster base - the number "1" was modified to a serif style, as opposed to the previous "1" die which was simply a straight vertical line.

After the initial run of lobster plates were issued between July, and June,it took another two years to run Maine breast cancer plate the end of the "W"s and then through "X", "Y" and "Z".

The green "90" year sticker was the third in a three-color red, blue, green rotation that would be used throughwhen a black-on-white sticker was added and broke the pattern. When plate number Z was issued inthe state switched the series to 1 AA. Fine, made sense. Why they did this, I'll never know, but they now have to skip the double-letter combinations in each letter series that goes by.

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