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A gratuitous list of the most memorable moments of male nudity. When it is appears on screen, the penis is a statement. It's a fleshy exclamation point — the answer to a question most dare not ask. The penis is the most versatile and powerful weapon an actor can pack in his theatrical tool belt.

And just like every actor's natural ability, some penises have a much larger range than others; some have the capacity to thrill, shock, amuse, arouse and horrify. Directors constantly push the penis envelope, dreaming up new ways to utilize this cinematic trope. With each glimpse into the fleshy souls of these famous actors, the world becomes a better place.

Each big screen penis breaks new ground, bringing us one step closer to a world in which men can flaunt their sexuality as openly as women display their cleavage. In this spirit, I invite you to indulge in this celebration of the top 25 most memorable moments of full frontal male nudity in mainstream movies.

This mythological Military frontal penis exam also raises an interesting point no pun intended : Why is male-on-male rape in film more widely accepted and often considered funny? Would the scene be humorous if the Minotaur had raped Natalie Portman College dorm gf revenge character?

Your Highness Any Given Military frontal penis exam Along Military frontal penis exam Cameron Diazviewers discover that a big part of being a pro-football player involves parading around in front of reporters with a bunch of other giant, naked men. Any Given Sunday Observe and Report The film escalates the humor, and awkwardness, of streaking with a slow-motion shot of an unattractive fat man running through a mall as he points down to his less than impressive junk.

Observe and Report EuroTrip All Military frontal penis exam often nude beaches in films are stacked with far too many attractive people. EuroTrip brings us the reality of nude beaches: way too many men posing nude with cameras, sunglasses, gold chains, and creepily curious expressions. Bronson : Tom Hardy In Bronson, violence is almost orgasmic to Tom Hardy's character, which is perhaps why he often brawls naked and greased up in "war paint.

Bronson : Tom Hardy. Quills : Geoffrey Rush To demonstrate the depths of the Marquis De Sade 's obsession with Military frontal penis exam about deranged sex, we see De Sade in a prison cell, stripped of anything he could possibly use to write his literoticaincluding his clothes. Of course this only makes him resort to using his own blood and filth to write his stories about blood, filth and sex. Quills : Geoffrey Rush.

Today, it is all but forgotten save for the fact that Bruce Willis's penis bobs into view during a skinny dipping sex scene. The Color of Night : Bruce Willis. Whatever the audience thought of the scene, Keitel must have found the experience liberating, as he stripped down again a year later in The Piano.

One of the tamer, and more memorable dick moments in the series Nude filipina girls on beach Military frontal penis exam the crew's resident dwarf, Wee-Man, struts across a table in the middle of a meeting, drinking a beer and completely naked.

The Talented Mr. Ripley : Military frontal penis exam Law Jude Law's talent mostly lurks in the shadows of this nude scene. Still, Law's sex appeal and the hype surrounding this scene caused throngs of fans to break their VHS and DVD players trying to pause the movie Military frontal penis exam just the right moment to capture Law's elusive dick emerging from the green bathwater like a mythic beast.

Ripley : Jude Law. It has been stuffed into a pie and attached to his hand with super glue. In American Reunionwe finally get to see the source of Biggs's trouble smashed beneath a clear pot top. American Reunion : Jason Biggs. The Fisher King and The World's Greatest Dad : Robin Williams You might not expect the world's "hairiest celebrity" to strip on film, but he does, twice: once as an insane homeless man who runs naked through Central Park, then later as an English teacher who performs a nude swan dive into his school's pool.

American Gigolo : Richard Gere You can't make a film about a gigolo without showing at least a sliver of the gigolo's tool-of-the-trade, which is about all we get of Gere's moneymaker in American Gigolo. American Gigolo : Richard Gere. Wild Things : Kevin Bacon I Military frontal penis exam say that Bacon's nude scene in Wild Things is entirely unnecessary to the film's story, but the entire film seems unnecessary.

Its success rides largely on the hype surrounding Bacon's Military frontal penis exam, and the mother of all girl-on-girl kisses between Denise Richards and Neve Campbell.

Wild Things : Kevin Bacon. Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story There was no better way to demonstrate the absurd depths to which Dewey Cox's rock 'n' roll life spins out of Military frontal penis exam, than for him to be lounging in a hotel room post-orgy, having a benign phone conversation while a flaccid penis hovers over his shoulder like a phallic angel, or demon, as it guides his decisions.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall : Jason Segel Segel's penis is impressive, though mostly because it steals scenes from two of the hottest women on the planet: Kristen Bell Military frontal penis exam Mila Kunis.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall : Military frontal penis exam Segel. Hall Pass Some of the toughest guys have a phobia of snakes. Just as many guys have a fear of giant sidewinding penises dangling precariously close to Military frontal penis exam face, which is perhaps why this scene resonates with so many men. Hall Pass In order to show the scene in its entirety, Kubrick sped the scene up to blur the penetrating details. Shame : Michael Fassbender When casting the lead in a film about sex addictionit would seem imperative to get an actor who is comfortable stripping down.

At first, Michael Fassbender may seem like an Porn star alia starr choice, until audiences get the first of many glimpses at what the unassuming actor is packing in his acting tool belt.

Shame : Michael Fassbender. The Brown Bunny : Vincent Gallo While this was intended to be a mainstream art film, it received the cinematic kiss of death with an X-rating Military frontal penis exam its graphic sexual content. The Brown Bunny : Vincent Gallo. He also appeared nude in almost every film he shot. The Hangover Trilogy, : Ken Jeong The only thing more memorable than a giant penis, is a tiny penis.

Ken Jeong's fun-sized junk is prominently featured in all three Hangover films, proving that even though you can't see them, Jeong has some jumbo balls. The Hangover Trilogy : Ken Jeong. Even knowing the film's premise, I expect few viewers are prepared to see Military frontal penis exam dick flopping around in slow motion, capped off with a CGI effect of his pee-hole, Military frontal penis exam, "Bruno!

Boogie Nights : Mark Wahlberg 's prosthetic penis Viewers don't get a glimpse of the real star of Paul Thomas Anderson's film about the s porn industry until the movie's final minutes.

The anticipation makes the moment even more memorable, as the entire film is a montage of people reacting to the size of Dirk Diggler's dick. Boogie Nights : Mark Wahlberg's prosthetic penis. The Crying Game : Jaye Davidson The big reveal of the film still haunts some viewers, particularly those male viewers who found themselves attracted to the female lead, Dil.

We find out in the end, along with the hero who also falls for Dil's feminine charm, that she has a penis. Unsurprisingly, Jaye Davidson was nominated for an Oscar for making so many male viewers discover something very curious about themselves.

Military frontal penis exam Crying Game : Jaye Davidson. Penis parade: top 25 full-frontal scenes in mainstream movies NSFW photo gallery. Sex and Love editor. Jul 10, 3 PM. Tampa Bay's best new restaurants of The most festive things to do in Tampa Bay this holiday season.

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