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I think you will agree it is drop dead sexy. I then had even more fun taking the rest off just for you. I felt so nice in this outfit that I just had to lay down and make myself even hotter and what fun I had. A video accompanies this set with a request for Shaut indian actor xxx to talk which of course I need no encouragement to do.

See how smooth and sensual it is. I so love the feel of this outfit that it makes me think of all sorts of naughty things and I just have to act on these thoughts. A lovely yellow slip Sandys secrets girdles models matching yellow open bottom girdle.

Watch as I play on the steps of my pool, cool myself down with water then get Black sexy naked men and hot by the side of the pool and, of course, it is all caught on video as well. The lovely thing about corselettes is that you cannot wear panties with them. It is still very cool but just to feel the water on my nylons again soon warmed me up. A fabulous purple PVC dress and sexy fishnet stockings put me in a Sandys secrets girdles models mood this week so do as you are told and come inside and join me in some super sexy fun.

Well ever happy to oblige, I rip my nylons to pieces. Luckily it was not too wasteful as I laddered them while doing the photo shoot so it was great fun to rip them up. Lots of layers and frills and nylon. A requested set that I was only too pleased to do. I went to several locations and had a great time and got some great shots. I wonder if the guys at the Wedding will guess what I have on underneath the dress? It will be fun to tease them and get them guessing.

The only trouble was that I was interrupted on three occasions by a man on his own. Was the word out and they were out looking for me? It certainly seemed like it. I hope you enjoy the view as much as they did. Had great fun ripping this sheer top to bits after I laddered it putting it on and it makes such a lovely ripping sound on the video. It is very sheer and needed a lovely slip underneath it.

I am going to have great fun going out in this dress and just the thought of all the teasing I can do in it makes me feel all tingly in all the right places. A lovely pink slip and matching French Cami Knickers under my lovely Jaegar dress. Only trouble is the sand is not very good for walking on Sandys secrets girdles models heels but I certainly had fun trying. There is nothing like a corset to make you feel incredibly sexy and Sandys secrets girdles models do I feel hot and sexy in this outfit, so come inside I am sure you will agree.

I hope you and everyone else enjoys this picture and video update which as usual is on time despite atrocious weather. So if you are into wrinkly stockings you will love this update. Come and get caught up in my nets and see my new PVC Basque and have some fun with me. There was even a brave soul who went into the sea, just a Sandys secrets girdles models someone decided to steal my bag while I was on the beach. I got so carried away I ended up leaving my panties where I was taking the pictures.

I wonder if Sandys secrets girdles models found them? A very Happy and Prosperous New Year to you all. My friend Susie popped around for a Xmas drink today and as we were both wearing nylons we decided to do a few pics especially for you.

A lovely PVC dress with a rubber corselet underneath, some ankle boots and special gold seamed fully fashioned Boudoir blow job pics. I must be getting into the festive mood.

I am sure you will agree it is gorgeous. After Breakfast we left and headed home and as soon as I arrived back to where I was staying I stripped off for this shoot - hope you like it. Stockings and a lovely red slip look great, all nice and wet and I am sure I could have got a volunteer amongst you all to have scrubbed my back. A lovely set with video accompaniment. Video request for me to be rubbing my feet, so I have included it in this latest video. There I was ready for my last dip in the pool for a while and it started raining then the sun came out and I was able to get in.

My video this week is in the rain and I get a helping hand!!!!! And then I get in the pool in the sunshine and had great fun with my little friend. Sexy sheer with leather and PVC and of course my crop. Video accompanies this set with some nice footplay included. A very revealing Sandys secrets girdles models accompanies this set. Lovely girdles, Fully Fashioned stockings and of course heels. This set is accompanied by a video that has an outtake at the end of us larking around.

It looked absolutely fabulous under the thin jumper I had on. I cant wait to wear it out and see what sort of looks I get. She Indian bhabhi in bra panty a little shy so did not show her face but we got some lovely shots on a warm Spanish evening. A great set for stocking and pantyhose lovers with a short video clip to accompany the set. A lovely plastic wrap top with a rubber skirt and a very retro feel underneath with a satin bullet bra and matching accessories.

In this update I go up a ladder that is hanging around so you get a great view as I do, then I play around with some soapy water and as usual it is all caught on video as well.

In I go fully clothed and get nice and wet, then a slow strip to reveal sheer underwear and lovely shimmery stockings. I do and this set contains a lovely velvet dress with black point heel fully fashioned stockings on my legs. I felt so good I had to have a little play with my rabbit and what fun we had.

Video of the fun accompanies the pictures. So at Sandys secrets girdles models first opportunity we pulled to the side of the road and got snapping.

Nice little video to accompany the set as well. We found a Sandys secrets girdles models quiet spot so I took off my dress and lay down with just my slip and Nylons on. It was lovely in the shade and the food was wonderful and boy can you have fun with picnic food, come inside and have a Sandys secrets girdles models and you will see what I mean. A Video of the outfit also with this set. It was then I heard some rustling in the bushes only to see some Sandys secrets girdles models trying to take a peek, well it probably made his day lol, so I Sandys secrets girdles models on to a wonderful Sandys secrets girdles models not a very windy viewing point and once we had finished it was off to a local restaurant for lunch.

All caught on camera and video just for you. Previous Updates. I d ecided to take a few pictures of what I was wearing just before I left the house last Sandys secrets girdles models evening. I went out for a drive in the country and stopped off at a little village, where I stretched my legs Sandys secrets girdles models decided to take my skirt off and have a walk around in my slip, which was great fun.

Lovely pastel blue corset and Manhattan stockings in this update. Come and join me for a glass of wine and some sexy fun. A Satin Top is a favourite for Sandys secrets girdles models lot of people. One for the slip lovers this week. My Rubber dress gets me feeling all dominant and very sexy so much that I got my Sandys secrets girdles models friend out to help me enjoy myself and boy did I enjoy myself.

I love blue and this week I wear some lovely blue items and Sandys secrets girdles models new corselette. PVC and fishnet, fancy getting caught in my nets?

A request from Eric this week for a suit with natural coloured stockings and some stocking ripping in the video. Fully fashioned stockings and some bright yellow heels and top to put you into the mood for a Sandys secrets girdles models spring update. Layered petticoats this week. In Billie joe armstrong naked pic bedroom this week and it is only fair I share my time in the boudoir with my favourite little Sandys secrets girdles models and we certainly have some fun together.

Time to choose an outfit for a Wedding I have been invited to. Taking a break during appointments and with time to kill what is better than enjoying the sunshine and taking your clothes off. Sheer Sandys secrets girdles models heaven with a vinyl dress over the top. I bought myself this pretty little dress.

Fun in the Sun and down to the beach on a beautiful February day. A lovely satin boned corset this week with matching accessories. Its all about layers this week, sheer layers, sheer dress, sheer body, stockings and Sandys secrets girdles models thank you for the request Kurt. Terrible storms lashed the Costas this week and while trees littered the streets, I needed to cheer things up and wear my favourite lingerie, a sheer bra and matching panties, a lovely Waspie and a silky pair of fully fashioned stockings that kept getting nice and wrinkly.

I am casting my net this week; my fishnet stockings that is. Some lovely sunshine so I decided to go down to the beach and have some fun. Leather skirt leather bra and my favourite pet my Rabbit, ooh I do have fun in this update. Out enjoying the sunshine this week in a beautiful blue suit, heels, stockings and sheer underwear.

An extra bonus set this week. A very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year to you all. PVC and Rubber combo this week. Thank you very much to Barry who bought me the lovely open bottom girdle from Secrets in Lace in this weeks update.

Jumper dresses are so sexy.

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