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Then it was like the cameras in the room froze because neither one was moving. I looked at her beautiful chest and it was moving rapidly so the cameras were fine. It was just that both had been spent and were regaining their composure.

I was at the edge of my seat through the entire scene on the screen but leaned back as if I too were exhausted from watching them. I turned my gaze back at my monitor and assumed they were done, but I was wrong again. Jake now moved to her side on the bed and flopped down on the bed on his back totally worn out. Lana got up so she could move around to lay beside him. The room was now quiet until I heard her voice say Sex caught on security camera thing, "We're not done yet.

With a beautiful woman doing that to him, it didn't take long for his cock to grow much longer than her hand. She told him how beautiful his cock was, how long and thick it was.

She then said, "I need you to fuck me right now! He immediately got on top of her and started to slowly slide his member into her. She put her hand on his chest and said, "Slowly. It's really big and I need to get used to it.

Before I knew it, he was balls deep inside her and giving her everything he had left. She reciprocated by grabbing his ass cheeks and pulling him inside her even deeper.

He then took Sex caught on security camera of her ankles and brought them up to her head Sex caught on security camera that's when the real noise started. Fuck me I'm coming! The words coming out of her Britney spears sexiest photos were an indication that she was cumming over and over again from his attack.

He never slowed down and her reaction was to scream in ecstasy with every thrust. What seemed like hours, Sex caught on security camera screamed out, "Oh God Jake, I can't come anymore!

Sex caught on security camera stop! He drilled out of her, grabbed her by the hips and tossed her to her stomach like a lifeless body.

He then grabbed her hips again and lifted her to that same position she greeted him with when they first got in the room. Her round, bare and open bottom once again was all his, but this time not because of her.

She was so exhausted that all she could do was everything he controlled her to do and he knew it. He was now in control. He then pistoned into her with an abandon of a wild animal. I looked at her from above and noticed she had clenched her hands from her outstretched arms into the bed as if to hang on for dear life. Then the sounds Sex caught on security camera her throat came again.

She then uttered a continuous gut-wrenching moan that signaled Sex caught on security camera orgasms one after another. Jake suddenly stopped and said, "You've got me ready to come again, but there's something I've always dreamt of doing to you since I saw you.

Lana must have suddenly felt his dick poking at her tight asshole and with garbled verbiage coming out of her mouth she said, "Jake! It's too big! Jake ignored her and pushed slowly forward into her tight ass. He then held it in and didn't move in order for her to accommodate the stretching her asshole Sex caught on security camera forced to do.

He then started slowly sliding his member in and out of the asshole that my wife rarely let me fuck. Her curse words and screams Sex caught on security camera to a sobbing Real escorts escorttjejer i malmo I was stroking my cock to the same ministrations as his cock was Sex caught on security camera her ass.

As much as I was worried that this was very painful for Lana, I couldn't help but come like never before at the sight I was seeing in front of my eyes on the screen. I thought that any minute she was going to move forward to get his pumping member out of her ass because of the pain, but what happened next floored me.

While Jake was now fucking her ass in a nice slow but steady pace, he said, "Give me your hands. Lana let go of her death grip on the bed sheets and Young adult men fucking young girls them behind her Sex caught on security camera Jake. He grabbed her hands and put them on her cheeks and commanded her, "Spread your ass cheeks!

I was thinking that she was doing what he said so he would come soon and be done. Jake then got up on his feet, perched his body over hers and Sex caught on security camera his hands on her shoulders and started pounding away at her asshole so hard I could hear his body banging against her ass. From one camera angle, I could see her butt cheeks undulating from Sex caught on security camera force.

From the other, I had a clear shot of both of their backsides. The view was surreal. His large cock pumping her ass and the opening of her asshole moving in and out with his dick. White and clear glistening love juices had to have not only been his but hers as well and it was dripping from both of her holes and sliding from those orifices down to her stomach and thighs.

I sat back on my office chair with my arms plopped on the arms of the chair in total disbelief at what I just saw. Lana was quite the lover with me who always made me come once, but to watch her so recklessly raw with another man's dick in Sex caught on security camera hole was more than I could explain. It was a compilation of emotions that added up to complete eroticism.

Suddenly there was movement on the monitors. Lana did not move. She was still on her knees with her shoulders and head imbedded in the mattress, ass high in the air with Jake's dick still inside of her red and enclosed asshole. Her arms plopped off of her ass cheeks and to the sides.

Jake slowly retreated off her limp body and I zoomed in to see his dick pull her asshole rim along with him until the large crown of his dick popped out of it.

I closed in on her just fucked asshole and watched it pulsate from a large opening down to normal. He then got off the bed, went to his pants, and pulled out his cell phone.

I knew what was coming next and I wasn't going to like it. He aimed his phone towards her high prone body and took pic after pic of her in that submissive position. He brought his phone in Sex caught on security camera and went back to take all kinds of images of the beautiful woman's ass and body that he longed for as if the series of photos was a reward for his conquest. After several photos of my wife's limp body with her ass way up in the air, he put away his phone and rejoined Lana on the bed.

I loved your dick in my ass. Once I got back to the videos they stopped talking and started to get dressed. It was time for me to high tail it home.

I made sure all the footage was in our cloud, cleaned up any trace of history from my computer, and left the office, still Sex caught on security camera a fog. I'm not sure how I got home because all I could think about was what I just saw, but I found myself in the garage of our house.

I went inside and Jake was gone. As I quietly walked into the bedroom, I could smell the sweat and sex lingering in the air like an invisible fog. The lights were off except for the nightstand lights that glistened off Lana's sleeping form. She had to have taken her clothes off when Jake left because she likes to sleep that way and passed out without coverage from the sheets. All I could do is stand there and stare at the body of the woman I was married to and who had just been sexually ravaged by another man.

Her sleeping worked well for me because I'm not sure how we're going to discuss the incident that happened with Jake. Sex caught on security camera she tell me?

Will I tell her what I saw? Has our marriage gone to an open one? What will Jake do with those photos? Those questions will hopefully all be answered next.

Report Story. Answer those last questions, continue Sex caught on security camera story until your readers are satisfied with a reasonable ending. Just because your wife is cheating and doing things she never does for hubby doesn't mean you have an own marriage, it means you married a cheating slut. I hope if there is a next part,he throws the slut out and kicks the living daylights out of Jake.

Once it said he wanted to see a guy fuck his wife, out of here in a flash. But confused. If he wants Sex caught on security camera be a cuck and has even asked for it, why would the wife need to cheat. She could bring a guy home every night and her sissy husband would be in heaven.

She could then put a cock cgae on him, dress in maids outfit and he can then clean the guys cock and her pussy with his tongue after the sex.

See cuck heaven. Even thought they talk about it she cheated. Title of your comment:. Preview comment. Login or Sign Up. Literotica is a trademark. No part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission.

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