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There are too many parents, and With erection nude beach watching for that!! Nude beaches, and Nudism, is a way that someone feels, and lives. They seemed to know we got the wrong beach, and laughed, and we talked, and drank a few good micro-brew beers, but nobody ever tried to do anything, or act inappropriately.

They limit the length, and I have to say something about your idea of erections!! The guy friend that I went with, well, he's the kind of 'Hot guy' that some guys might consider getting with, be he isn't gay! Find a nude beach, and just relax, and feel With erection nude beach feeling, and get in the water!!

Nudism isn't about sex, and being naked with women, and children doesn't make normal guys hard, because it isn't sexual!! Parents take pictures of their little kids, bathing, or whatever, but it isn't any different for nudists! We all know that females have certain parts, and males have other parts, and it doesn't matter, as a nudist!

I wish I was confident enough, in how I look, now, to join one of their 'clubs'!!! Vyking's last comment is right on target. These places are for those who are comfortable with themselves and it is a very rare occasion that you would see some guy with his dinky doo pointing out or up! I wish more women were like you sallyS, not in a "sexual way" but just if a guy gets hard and its clearly obvious you dont give a damn and find it intriguing.

I am only asking the question and never been to a nude beach and do not intent to, but how can you not get a stiffy if you see beautiful women?

I know, that it isn't a sexual place, but I can never understand that. You could meet your wife to be there, so what would you say? I regularly go onto nudist beaches and always get an erection, but it's natural, not sexual. I've never had a problem with itin fact most women quite like to see it and usually come over for a better look and a chat.

I am glad you are understanding, although I can not say I would get an erection because I haven't been to a nude beach. Well I think some girls need to get it that its possible for a guy to get turned on I guess for me it is With erection nude beach all or With erection nude beach rule. If you are not going to allow erections, there should be no nudity! I am not saying I believe in erections because I am sexually and want to be sexually turned on, but if With erection nude beach as guys can't see if I woman is aroused, then it is no fair!

Would it bother a guy if a woman says to him that she is turned on? Then maybe it does and he gets the police. Then it become he said she said thing. OK, then call a kid of lets say age 10 that has an erection on the beach a pervert.

I beleive that the nudist mind exists. You can not tell me that if you find and you will find some hot looking woman that you would not get an erection! I would say that there is something wrong With erection nude beach you!

Now, I belleive, my personal opinion, that men don't get them because it is taboo for a guy to get an erection, so he may control it. I stated I never have been to a nude beach before. I meant that I do not believe a nudist mind exists. Would you call a guy a perv if you saw him with an erection or think it was just his first time at a nudist beach? I am just asking the question in equal fairness. I think it offends guys because they don't want to see erections. How would you feel if a woman said to you she was turned on?

Would you call the patrol officers? Then she could deny it! I don't like the double standard! Don't like erections, no nudist beaches allowed! You should go find the person who absconded with your gonads and ask that they give them back. Humans are sexual.

It's a natural thing to want to look at the opposite sex and to get aroused. Is there With erection nude beach unwritten rule that dictates that arousal is not permitted at nude beaches?

If you don't want someone else looking, don't go to the nude beach. Either way, that whole Christian shame over sexuality is a 19th Century mentality and totally unbecoming of adults. The Christian shame? Id say its common decency, something that separates us from the animals. Or do you libs not want anything to separate us? Honestly curious. Thank you for your comment! All the nudists think, including guys that if a guy has an erection, he is doing With erection nude beach on purpose and needs to leave.

Yet, a women can be sexually aroused and no one would know! Double standard! I hate double standards if I see one or hear of one I try to make it fair. I hate when people give me With erection nude beach double standard and I figure others must feel With erection nude beach same. Sexual Health. I think it is unfair for a guy that he can't have an erection on the beach, because you do not see if the woman is excited or not!

To me, it is just unfair for a guy getting the third degree for having an erection on a nude beach. Of course, as long as he is not flaunting it or masturbating, what is the big deal? I think it is how a person reacts to the erection. They all assume the guy is a pervert! It would be really nice to kick a woman off the beach if we were to see that she was turned on!

Does any With erection nude beach agree with me? Now of course, you can say well maybe you feel he is on you, a pervert, but if every guy was to have an erection on the beach, I don't think women would think Naked grannies spreading ass way!

I have not gone on a nude beach, so I don't know and I can't say that I would have an erection, just asking because I don't see the harm in it. Then I With erection nude beach that well the kids should With erection nude beach see that! If you have kids there, you should understand that at some point, they may see an erection there anyway sometime somewhere.

It is ok to have your kids see a naked guy on a beach, but not an erection? That doesn't make sense to me. I don't believe kids should be on With erection nude beach nude beach period or them even being nude on the beach!

They don't belong there! Women and guys agree welcome to reply! If you saw a guy with one, would it cross your mind that he might also be a first time nudist? Do With erection nude beach then cut the guy some slack for that? Share Facebook. Women, what is your view on erections on nude beaches? Add Opinion.

This kind of policing of what is, and isn't, allowable is a bit much! Women need to keep in mind that the male erection is an involuntary response There are so many times I would get an erection, but you wouldn't know it because I'm under my pants! To those who think being naked is natural, I'd like to say, sexual arousal too is.

It strikes me as if women are facing some conflict here. On the one hand there's this age-old traditional women fear of what is seen as a sexually aggressive male. The fear that he might impregnate you Anime mom porn video came up in someone's questionWith erection nude beach the like. With erection nude beach today women too want to have a right to their sexual feelings, their right to initiate sex, and all that.

So should the 10th century BC thoughts go with the 21st century AD? Also, there's no limit to policing others One time, a couple of women on the beach were frolicking around with only their panties on, topless.

Since they were tourists from another country, I guess they didn't know, or didn't care, what the effect was on the local male. They went through some elaborate seduction ritual -- realising it or not -- of luring some men after them, quite deep into the sea.

The men were obviously aroused by their state of clothing, and made this obvious. Watching all this on the beach made me quite turned on! You might see it as wrong, but as a male this was how I did respond. A few With erection nude beach, I found myself masturbating in the bathroom You may say this is perverted behaviour, but sorry, as a male that's how my body works Mannrodd Xper 1.

I would like to go to a nude beach so I can experience the feeling of being nude with nature, but the thing that has stopped me is getting an erection, as some people have posted this is just a male thing, it just happens, it has happened to me before on a bus and out in a club, at With erection nude beach beach sun bathing relaxing, Mr Woody just With erection nude beach to make an appearance and away he goes, I am very respectful of peoples thoughts and would not want to alarm other Nudists or embarrass myself.

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