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To my loyal readers, sorry it's been so long since I've written. This story is out of chronological Wives dressed like sluts with my earlier accounts.

I guess you could place it near the beginning of the exploits of Paula and Sean. The more daring the better. This is really one of my prurient interests I guess you could say. I can't count the number of times I've pressed Paula to wear something sexy when we are going out or to "Lose her undies" while we are out. Most of the time she'll gently turn me down, or tease me but not deliver, but sometimes when she is feeling sexy she'll go for it. It virtually guarantees a night of hot sex later and perhaps this "cause and effect" is what prompts me to persist in asking for it.

But probably not, since there is just something so erotic about holding your wife in your arms and feeling nothing under her thin clothes. It works for her too. Feeling her unrestrained breasts sway under her top, feeling her nipples hardening and becoming clearly visible to any roving eye excites her. Feeling the cool air against her well-shaved and bare pussy under a skirt stokes her fires, ensuring some very heated lovemaking later.

Sometimes not even later, as we grab and grope each other in the car. Which brings us to this story. I don't even remember exactly the affair: a party or get-together of some kind at a co-workers house. A bunch of friends and acquaintances, people we work with, their spouses, friends of friends; you know how these things are.

Lots of munchies and lots of booze. Paula and I were chatting with two or three other couples that included our hosts: Bob and Vicky. I'd worked closely with Bob many years ago and while he had changed to a different department we still kept in contact.

The fact that they lived nearby made it easier. They had kids about the same age as ours who went to Wives dressed like sluts same high school so as could be expected, the Wives dressed like sluts drifted to the trials and tribulations of raising teenagers today. Their daughter Chelsea had grown into a beauty, and it seemed she was starting to realize that her looks were getting a lot of attention from the boys.

Her clothes were becoming tighter and briefer all the time and Vicky was having nothing to do with it, at least she wasn't going to permit Chelsea to "dress to impress" as they say. Wives dressed like sluts rolled her eyes and complained that all the girls wore this, but I would have none of it.

This elicited a number of laughs and guffaws from the assembled group as we could all relate to the challenge of teenage daughters, but this really struck a chord with me and my twisted mind. I love it. In fact, I couldn't hardly focus on anything else for the next hour or more at the party.

Don't ask me who I spoke to or what was discussed, because Wives dressed like sluts only thing on my dirty mind was what Vicky said. Mental pictures of her scantily dressed form drifted across my mind's eye. I'll meet you and buy you each a drink.

It's just, well, you know how I am about this sort of thing, and she just put it out there. It's not like I came up to her out of the blue and said, Hey Vicky, how about dressing like a slut for me, or anything.

She's average in just about every way as far as I could tell. Average looks, average weight, average build. I could imagine that she could turn a few heads if she dressed up, but I couldn't really tell at the moment. I had never seen her dressed up or in a bikini or anything. I even had a hard time trying to picture her dressed slutily, not that I didn't try like crazy. At any rate, we went home and while I was worried that Paula would be pissed off, she seemed ok and even fucked me good that night.

About two weeks later, Friday night about 9pm: I just got out of the shower and Paula was about to jump in. We hadn't made any big plans so we were going to try the local Wives dressed like sluts for a drink or two.

Now that the kids were teenagers they had their own plans and we didn't Wives dressed like sluts to worry about babysitters. The phone rang unexpectedly. I didn't immediately recognize the number and almost didn't answer it. What's up Bob? Paula is standing in the bathroom doorway looking at me with a questioning expression on her face.

Hope you're not pissed. We both thought it was funny, and well, you know, thought it was cool. We were wondering if you guys wanted to come out. No shit? She's dressed up? Hold on a minute. I did say the thing about her dressed up, and now they've called. Yeah, I'd like to go. Hey, we won't go if it bothers you.

Or we'll have one drink and bug out. I got back to the phone. I tried vainly to occupy myself downstairs as I waited for Paula in the shower.

My mind kept racing Wives dressed like sluts what Vicky could be wearing and how Wives dressed like sluts might show off. While I mentioned that Paula will sometimes dress sexily for me, we hadn't discussed that for this evening. I did notice that she took a long time in the shower, so I hoped she was wearing out a razor or two. When the shower finally stopped running, I went up with a beer for each of us. What do you need courage for? I should be pissed that you are going out to see how another woman is dressed.

You know I only have eyes for you. I've watched your eyes. If I wasn't around they'd be out of your head. But I only have everything else for you. So, Wives dressed like sluts thinking the polka-dot dress or the jean skirt. Since it's pretty warm tonight and RJ's is very casual, I vote jean skirt.

You get an bonus points if you wear the French-print top" And truly, both are fun dress-up outfits. Paula shortened the polka-dot dress to just above the knee which isn't short, but it has criss-cross straps across the back that prohibit wearing a bra.

Feeling her under it as I hug her is wonderful. The jean skirt is much shorter, so that is a plus. The top I suggested is snug and thin and presented more 'options' you may say if I could talk Paula into them later. Paula gave me a sideways look. I sat on the chair in our bedroom watching her dress.

I love doing this, it's like advance foreplay. I was happy to see she Wives dressed like sluts a black thong on when she came out of the bath. Even just wearing a thong can tend to arouse her, but now I couldn't tell if she had shaved her pussy into a landing strip like I love.

She chose a peach colored wonderbra that didn't show too badly through the top but allowed some very generous cleavage to press against the scoop of the top's neckline.

Donning a pair of her highest wedge sandals, we were ready. And she did, too. Something about high shoes, short skirt and wonderbra just made her Wives dressed like sluts like a wet-dream come true. The only way this could be better would be if Women fucking well hung porn stars lost the bra and thong, and I was weighing my odds of her doing just that before the night was through.

She returned the kiss passionately and I felt my odds improve, along with the pressure in my crotch. Since I was driving, I didn't want a beer in my hand, but that didn't prohibit me from getting another one for Paula. Again she gave me a sideways glance. You're not that much of a lightweight. She knows this, which is why she questioned me, but she didn't resist. As expected, RJ's parking lot was packed and the bar pretty much two-deep everywhere.

They must have arrived before the crush of people because they had two seats right at the bar. She turned her head at the last minute and my kiss ended up on her lips. Super-fast, but nice. I wasn't sure Wives dressed like sluts I should think anything about it. Paula gave Bob a quick smooch on Wives dressed like sluts cheek and the girls did the 'brush cheeks together as you kiss the air' thing. There was just barely enough room next to them for us to stand.

The music was really too loud considering that there was no dance floor. We had to lean in to talk. I took the opportunity to look Vicky over.

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