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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it Futa sakura fucks naruto work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Chapter 1 2. And perhaps having some fun with her friends. A futanari Sakura finds herself having some fun with her comatose daughter. This story contains rape a mother having sex with her comatose daughter. This is not something that the author condones in real Futa sakura fucks naruto. This is just smut for fun.

I may or may not add new chapters to this but am marking it complete for now since it stands well Futa sakura fucks naruto. See the end of the work for more notes.

One moment Sakura Futa sakura fucks naruto seeing her daughter off at the school yard, Sarada heading off to a movie with her friends and Sakura heading back to her classroom to finish grading her tests. The next moment she Futa sakura fucks naruto standing at the foot Futa sakura fucks naruto a hospital bed, trying to pay attention as her former coworker explained the fact that her daughter was in a coma. The fact that Naruto and by extension, Sasuke had been the first one called to the scene is really the only reason that the drunk driver was not currently a smear on the pavement.

Like any good mother, Sakura was at the hospital everyday. She graded homework at her daughter's side. For two weeks Sakura bathed her daughter Thick latino moms stretch mark pics a soft cloth and a wash basin.

She was woman enough to admit that she might have a bit of a problem. She just needed to get it out of her system, is all. So one day, when she knew that no one would be in to check on them for at least four hours, she decided to try something.

Then, because she was a good mothershe would feel overcome with repulsion at the act of having soiled her daughter and thus would never do it again. She bit her lip and then slowly undid the drawstring on her pants, letting them fall to her ankles before stepping out of them.

Her cock hung heavy between her legs, already half hard and twitching at the mere thought of what she was about to do.

Jacking off onto her daughter was bad, so surely some form of penetration would be enough to make her want to stop, right? Sakura took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. She took Sarada by the chin and used it to force her mouth open. Before she could change her mind, Sakura shoved the tip of her dick past those pale pink lips. So much so that the moment she looked down, at her little girl with her lips stretched taut around Sakura thick dick, saliva leaking Futa sakura fucks naruto the sides, she Sakura threw her head back, a full body Futa sakura fucks naruto running through her as she came.

The girl was an utter mess. Her face splattered with jizz, her mouth hung open wide with cum still puddled in it. Sakura stumbled back and flopped down into her chair. So, this was bad. Obviously bad. Surely, it was only the fact that she Mature strap on orgy still achingly, painfully hard that was keeping her from regretting her actions.

Considering how hard Sakura had hammered it for that short time after nearly ten minutes of jacking Mzansi women big ass, she doubted a full Futa sakura fucks naruto on her cock would be any easier on the girl.

She slipped one finger in with relative ease and found herself working two and then three and then four inside in quick succession. She allowed less than three minutes for herself to work that tight slot open. She told herself that surely whatever pain Sarada might be in now would be gone by the time she woke from this coma. Sakrua rubbed the tip of her dick against the small slot, inhaling once, deep, Futa sakura fucks naruto she began forcing her way in.

It was a tight fit. She grabbed Sarada by the hips and slowly pulled the girl in towards her, working that fat cock Futa sakura fucks naruto and deeper until the tip met resistance. Sakura let out a low, irritated sigh. She began by thrusting in and out slowly, working her way up into a nice rhythm. Sakura settled herself on her back with Sarada lying limp on top of her before renewing her thrusting. Sakura froze at the sensation and swallowed thickly.

Her cock twitched sharply at the thought, spurting precum into the already slick passage. She tried pulling out again and was stopped once again. Sakura bit her lip and tried to yank herself out several more times until she realized that all she was doing Futa sakura fucks naruto jerking her cock into her daughter, using the girl like a glorified fleshlight and pushing herself closer and closer to orgasm.

Sakura closed her eyes tightly. As young as Sarada was, barely even eleven, Sakura knew there was a good chance that cumming inside her could lead to potential… complications. Sarada, baby? You need to loosen up for me? You gotta let me pull out, baby. A good mother well, a decent mother would have just laid there, nice and still, and waited until her cock softened enough for her to pull out.

Main Content While we've done our best to make the core Black x. xxx com of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation. Bad Mothering Oversoul Summary: A futanari Sakura finds herself having some fun with her comatose daughter.

Being a good mother is HARD, okay? Notes: For ssvidel3. Chapter 1. Chapter Text It all started with a car accident. A fucking coma. It was a fool proof plan! Which was a mistake. Just a total mistake. But it was good enough, she supposed. To orgasm. Sakura was a really bad mother. Post Comment Note: All fields are required. Your email address will not be published. Name: Email: Comment characters left.

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