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  1. Best married couple! i wish i had friends like y all! you have a rocking body!

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If you can't find the email you can resend it here. Some features on this site require a subscription. I'm thinking uncut. I don't see a cut. The skin looks Hung thomas jane naked, unless it hangs down another few inches. Nice by Hung thomas jane naked way.

Smart on their part. No doubt at all, R They know how Good black ebony pussy people are watching down to the most finite demo, e. That's my completely uninformed opinion anyway. He's made it perfectly clear he's average and cut.

He showed the real thing in an early career Z list movie called "Nemesis". On Hung, Thomas Jane plays a gym teacher who makes thirstay ladies max out their credit cards so that they can get a taste of his Hung thomas jane naked Lee-sized Black ghetto pussy fucked. But in real life, Thomas Jane's dick isn't exactly tearing condoms or vaginas. Men's Fitness asked Thomas if his penis situation is filed under "Jon.

That is obviously not Thomas Jane's penis, and it isn't supposed to be. It is his character's penis. Anyway, some of you fools would Hung thomas jane naked a horse, "tiny meat".

I guess you have a hole the size of a toilet Indian aunty nude pics R14, at that link he claims to be totally average and an average guy in every way, yet he obviously is not since his physique is way above average for a man, and the average man does not have a 32" waist!

Most guys are fat and out of shape today. When Jane was on "The View" promoting "Hung" he said when he told his wife the part she replied "Yeah, more science fiction. You just did a project called "The Mist" about aliens invading a grocery store. Have at it, honey. Ur, no.

In fact, my first thought when I saw that pic was that he has been hitting the tanning bed. Big turn-off. And apart from that, as I said above, sometimes guys who say they are just average are actually bigger than they think. Colin Farrell used to say he had a small dick, and that turned Porn mature natural boobs to be false when you see his Hung thomas jane naked cock in the sex tape:.

I like guys with average dicks. How can I have a big dick unless most other guys have average ones? Wow - can't believe there are adults who fall for Hollywood make-believe. It's a prostethic, a fake hence the screen "cut off". Pasolini used them on his soldiers in Hung thomas jane naked. The show is called HUNG. The title character needs to be hung. R21 Thomas Jane has said how he's just average which means 5 inches, maybe 6 inches, and that he's cut.

Thomas Jane never said he was cut. He just said he was average. You can assume wahtever you want, and you may be right, but he still never said anything of the sort. The soldiers were supposed to be depicted as having oversize penises to help define the social classes within the film's private world.

Most of the footage shot of them naked in the courtyard executing tortures to the victims wasn't used in the final cut again, no pun intended. Salo is not a comedy, although there is a dark humour to it hidden deep deep in the Hung thomas jane naked. You don't get it until Hung thomas jane naked third or forth time you watch the film.

It is generally regarded as the most disgusting, most unsettling films ever made. There are real penises in the film. Loads of young boy penises, if that's your thing. The actors were Isn't it common in Europe to have teenagers do nude Hung thomas jane naked I thought that as long as it was not in a sexual capacity or hard core scene, it was acceptable to have simple child nudity eg.

The children in Salo were used as hardcore sexual objects and participants. Perhaps that's because in Europe Hung thomas jane naked don't have a problem with teenage nudity in mainstream films. Often the parents give permission and are on set. And the age of consent is only 17 in some countries like England, which is why Daniel Radcliffe was on stage naked in "Equus" at Yea it has to be fake. I think he is very hot He is perfect.

If you mean the one hanging off of Hung thomas jane naked in the "Hung" episode, I believe it's back in the costume department by now. Ray was very sweet with Kyla Jamie Clayton in last night's episode. Rumor Hung thomas jane naked it that they become a couple later on. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing.

Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Thomas Jane Frontal on 'Hung' tonight Well, almost. For some reason they don't let us see the very tip.

Bonus ass shot:. I'm sensing digital enhancement. Well that almost makes the show worth watching! His ass seems somewhat flat to me.

Furry, though! Have we seen the hottie who plays his younger rival full frontal yet? And has Jane had his promised "gay" encounter yet? You really think that's why they did it, R9? I'm hanging around HUNG. That can't be real. He's done other full frontals before and it was tiny.

He was also naked in The Velocity of Gary and it was small and perky. The fake pecker aside, he is one fine motherfucker! Princess Tinymeat! He looked thick. Anyway, I appreciated the whole scene So his cock might not be so average either.

Remember when Colin Farrell used to say in interviews he had a small cock? And then his sex tape came out and proved that was not true. She looks fat and pasty in that pic. Why do some people assume it is a prosthetic? It looks real to me. The only thing he indicated was his average penis size, not which category he falls.

True, R31 - I didn't see anything at the link about his circ status. Colin Farrell used to say he had a small dick, and that turned out to be false when you see his big cock in the sex tape: NSFW.

His ass is way too flat.

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