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Elesa was buzzing with excitement. She was leading Ash by the hand down a hall to a private room at the back of the gym. As she led him to the room she replayed what had happened. It was a bright sunny Sunday morning and Elesa was going to have a day of rest having the gym closed for a day.

Near noon her attendant told her that a trainer by the name of Ash Ketchum wanted a battle. She was about to decline when she remembered his name from one of her excellent sources. They told her that he was a young and rather handsome teenager with black hair, tan skin, and great talents in battling. Elesa" her attendant said and hurried out the door.

Elesa walked to her walk in closet and went to the back of the closet where she kept her more special clothing. She chose an electric blue lace panty and over that a pair of boy shorts. The boy shorts were too short so the top cm of her lace panties were showing against the yellow boy shorts.

Pokemon ash and girls naked sky blue lightning bolt was on her left ass cheek of the boy shorts. She got out her tightest top which only covered her from the bottom of her breast to her shoulders. It was the same color as her panties with a yellow v-neck. Her small B size breasts turned into A size breasts and made her nipples clearly visible from the shirt being so tight. She wanted Ash to get aroused by her appearance so she didn't put on a bra.

She grabbed her puffy yellow coat and put on her headphone on. The battle passed quickly and Elesa didn't lose easily. She remembered teasing by giving him giving him quick glances of her whenever she got the chance.

At the end of the match she pretended not to have a badge for him. Elesa gasped and leaned forward on him and started to grinded both her pelvis and her breasts into him as hard as she could determine to make Irish girls nude masturbation fuck her.

Ash moaned and Elesa took that as a sign that he was ready. She took his hand and led him to her private room. Once inside Ash was pushed onto a king Pokemon ash and girls naked bed and Elesa stripped off her Pokemon ash and girls naked coat and pounced on him kissing him hard on the lips. As their tongue fought for dominates Elesa grinded Ashlynn brooke hardcore sex clothed pussy on his manhood.

Elesa pulled Ash's shirt over his head breaking the kiss as it came off. She sat up straight on Ash's chest giving him his first good look at her outfit. He studied her for a minute then raised his hands to her breast where he pinched Pokemon ash and girls naked nipples which were clearly visible.

She leaned forward and mewed quietly as Ash stroked her breasts. As he played with them she moaned she felt her nipples harden and she was sure that they would rip through the shirt.

She reached for the bottoms of her shirt and pulled it with some difficulty over her head letting her breasts fall free. As soon as they were freed she moaned loudly. Ash had token her left breast in his mouth and sucked on Pokemon ash and girls naked hard. He continued Pokemon ash and girls naked until she screamed and climaxed. She fell on top of him and was panting hard. A minute later she unbuckled his pants and slid down his body dragging her breasts and his pants till they were piled at his feet and she was on her knees eyeing his boxers.

Her eyes twinkled with excitement as she ripped his boxers off and gasped. Elsa had been in the bedroom with other guys before but none were as big as Ash. She began to lick the head of his dick and stroke him until he was hard. He was now easily 12 inches long and 3 inches thick and Elsa was grinning as she thought of him pounding into her. The black haired girl grew wet at the images of what would happen in her mind.

She took the head of his dick in her mouth and began to suck Pokemon ash and girls naked it. As she began to deep throat his dick she swirled her tongue around the head and shaft. She grazed the shaft with her teeth gagging slightly as its tip touched the back Pokemon ash and girls naked her throat. She moved her eyes up to look at Ash as she continued sucking his dick. He was moaning and looked like he was going to cum soon.

She was incredible with giving blowjobs and deep throating and she put those skills to work as she rubbed his sack. She began to hum softly feeling him twitch.

She grinned as swallowed all of his cum and Pokemon ash and girls naked him till he grew hard again. She then took off her boy shorts and tossed her panties behind her shoulder and crawled onto the bed.

The shorts were so tight that they left an imprint of the lightning bolt on her left ass cheek. She got into doggy style and shook her ass. Fuck my tight little pussy with that beast. Ash got into position he grabbed her hips lightly and decided to fuck Elesa the way she wanted it hard and rough. Ash suddenly slammed his dick into her tight pussy forcing his way inside her till it was sheathed in her.

Elesa yelped in surprises and then moaned in pleasure as he trusted back in again. His speed and power of his thrusts surprised her at first then she started to moan in pleasure.

Ash was Pokemon ash and girls naked at how tight she was he had to use all of his strength to sheath his cock to the hilt with every thrust. Elesa looked over her shoulder her eyes where half closed in bliss and she was grinning moaning softly enjoying every thrust. He started to move her hips with his hands making her move back and forth meeting every thrust. Her eyes widen and she moaned louder. She winked at him and her grin turned into a smile signaling that she was ok and he should not stop.

Elesa wasn't the one to let herself be dominated she would usually be the one in control but Ash's sudden start plus his size, speed and thrusts caught her off guard.

Right now she enjoyed getting dominated by him she knew she could last a while once he cummed she could be in control she thought. Ash continued pounding her pussy as her moaning grew softer. Ash looked at Elesa's snow colored ass. The imprint of the lightning bolt was still on her left ass cheek. He dropped his right hand from Elesa's hip and smacked her right ass cheek.

She yelped when she felt him spank her. Her pussy clenched Diane lane unfaithful sex quickly unclenched around his cock. Spank me Harder! Ash did as he was told spanking her till her ass was red. Each time he spanked her she would give a cute little yelp. As she came Ash thrust hard into her. Elesa screamed a silent scream as her arms shook and went limp from the pleaser.

As Elesa slump forward Ash still hadn't Sunlight shadow girls nude and was hard in her. Soon Ash started to pound Elesa again making her moan as he thrusted in and out of her. To Pokemon ash and girls naked this was something new no one had ever cummed after her usually they cum at least twice before her.

Soon she was cooing and softly moaning as Ash trusted in and out of her. Her eyes where clouded and half closed in lust.

She smiled as she enjoyed being dominated by Ash. Her climax was approaching and she could feel that Ash's was not going to cum any time soon. She yelped as she Pokemon ash and girls naked Ash pull her hair. She smiled as she went to doggy style she liked it hard and rough and Ash was doing exactly what she wanted. Ash pulled her pigtails every time he trusted into her.

Elesa's eyes were wide and full of lust. Her mouth was opened and her tongue was hanging out as she looked straight ahead.

Ash pulled and trusted into her as she cummed. Ash still hadn't cum yet and before he could continue pounding her Elesa got on Pokemon ash and girls naked knees with Ash's dick inside her.

She leaned back on Ash's shoulder and slowly started to tease his dick by clenching and grinding her pussy into him. Ash embraced her hands softly resting on her pelvis. In this position Elesa could comfortable rest against Ash. Ash smiled "You're so tight I'm amazed I Black naked hairy booty even Pokemon ash and girls naked in you.

Ash began to play with her breasts with his hands. Elesa nodded and spun around so she was facing him. Her long slender legs wrapped around him. She smiled naughtily at him and said "Luckily this bad little girl has a naughty trick up her sleeve. Punish me with that beast! Make me into a sweet little girl.

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