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I once asked a girl who was going through drama with her boo what she wanted from him, a relationship or a friendship? The more Insecure the woman, the harder she tries to hide her insecurity behind attitude and excuses.

Players eat passive and defensive women for breakfast, because their buttons are out in the open and easy to push. Read that again and understand it because I bet you do that shit. Single and happy, focusing on me, raising my child, waiting on Jesus to returnblah blah blah.

The only thing that Ebony girls can t handle it save you from being played is to be honest about your shortcomings. Men, even the dumb ass ones, are smart enough to use other women as leverage because it works. This dude is going to use the fact that he can get easier pussy tomorrow to force you into giving him easy pussy today.

Think about that. Women hate to be told about themselves, but they love to be told about themselves. I remember this one girl Ebony girls can t handle it me how Ebony girls can t handle it Situationship guy shitted on her about not having a car, as if not driving meant that she was a loser.

There are some women that are so insecure and self-loathing that they react to verbal abuse like a finger rubbing against their clit.

Stop dressing in cardboard and thinking that shit is armor. Be honest about your shortcomings, and fix them instead of waiting for Dick to come and exploit them. Men know women like to talk about themselves, so what do men do? Let them talk and talk and talk. Women fall in love with men that let them talk, faster than men that actually talk to them. Dick is better at propaganda than Hitler, and as a result a generation of women have been trained to get open off of phone calls as opposed to flowers.

Last week I had a girl email me about Ho Tactics after she used it to get her first real date in like forever with her boyfriend, and she said being taken out to an expensive restaurant made her feel wrong. This was a woman so used to being courted like a basic bitch, you know texts and coming over to sit on the edge of his bed… that it felt dirty to be actually taken out and treated. Men role play for pussy, I know this for a fact because I just got off the phone with one of my Ebony girls can t handle it who sold a Tinder thot wolf tickets to his Oscar Party.

The better Rihana boobs and pussy pics man looks, the sweeter his lies taste. Be honest, hearing that good looking loser promise you the world, feels better than getting your ass ate. Telling a woman what he is going to do for her is easier than actually doing it, and it Ebony girls can t handle it a man the same results!

He sees this crack in your armor and will use it to get what he wants no matter how much you claim to be smarter Ebony girls can t handle it him.

After enough talk you will buy in to the lie because that lie is better than your lonely reality. Men lie and manipulate, but they will tell you who they are and what they are all about in so many words if you are brave enough to ask about their past.

For example, a man will tell you in confidence that he fucked a plus size Becky for months only because she paid his rent. Yes, men lie and hide, but they admit that they lie and hide before they pull the same tricks on you. Men today understand that women hate to be rejected. A girl can have 3 clowns, 2 tricks, and 1 goon trying to court or fuck, but all it takes is for one random guy to act indifferent and her self-confidence deflates like year-old ass shots.

Men fall back because they know thirsty women will break the speed limit to catch them. Let me take you through a month in the life of a Dicktician. Dick meets a woman that he likes, gets her number, and goes hard to try and see her. After a few weeks of this behavior, Dick falls back. This is the Push stage. Dick is gambling that this uppity fake Queen with imaginary options will get so stressed over this rejection that she humbles herself and falls in line like the rest of these dummies.

The Push works, this girl now blows up his voicemail and text messages with apologies, threats, more apologies, and finally begging. All of these ultimatums she was talking about, the dates she wanted, the time she demanded, she still wants… but she knows better than to ask now. Dick will wait for this woman to act up again, and the moment she shows sign of being feed up or wanting to change him, he pulls away again, this time for a longer stretch.

Pride Alert! Your uniqueness is overrated! If you were truly unique then you would have addressed your issues, plugged the holes in your personality, and evolved into a true Spartan Queen that moves two steps ahead of these men, instead of a weak bitch that wanders around confused and angry. The same way she got played, you get played. Why is that? Because even a thousand miles apart, you do the same basic shit and fall for the same basic game! You pride yourself on being something out of the ordinary, but your personality is about as exotic as having ass in Atlanta.

The more you keep it real with yourself, the less you have in common with the bitter Basicas of the Ebony girls can t handle it. The more you understand yourself, the more you recognize which men are worth your time and what men are Dick just trying to waste your time. The path to being Great is hard, because it forces you to tear down the safety net of your little girl ego, confront the ugly side of your personality, and address the traumatic side of your past.

Stop lying, stop waiting, stop running, stop being content with being good enough and start growing into greatness. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Comments are closed.

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