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Flemish celebrity Goedele Liekens has made waves in Britain with a TV show about improving sex education. In her recent British TV documentary, Sex. She is still a picture of bold glamour, in a wool and leather. Speaking over coffee, her hands twist and wave as she works up her case for a better understanding of the birds and Goedele liekens nude pics bees.

But first, there Goedele liekens nude pics the smirk factor. Does she enjoy seeing people squirm when she delves into sex talk, or pulls vagina cushions out of her handbag? No-one was injured and, according to the fire service, there was never any danger to employees or residents of the surrounding area.

The incident took place when a transformer exploded. The transformer stands in the open air, and the explosion caused a fire. The Beveren fire brigade were in attendance and quickly had the fire under control. Doel 1 has been closed since February, which means the fissile material normally contained in Goedele liekens nude pics reactor is not present, Electrabel spokesperson Els De Clercq said.

Only reactor 4 is still operational. Doel 3 was closed because of microscopic fissures in the casing, while 1 and 2 were closed at the end Goedele liekens nude pics their year working life. Both could be started up again if the federal government decides to change the long-held policy. Calls for the definitive closure of Doel 1 and 2 came at the weekend from the Dutch municipalities of Woensdrecht and Bergen op Zoom, which lie just across the border from Beveren.

Evert Weys of the local party GBWP said the latest incident was just the last in a long line that have raised safety concerns. Electrabel said it would co-operate with the prosecutor and with the Federal Nuclear Safety Agency, which will also investigate. Both the Belgian and the European branches of the church, as well as 12 leading executives, face charges of bribery, extortion and unlawful practice of medicine.

The organisation is recognised as a church in the US and the UK but not in Belgium, where it is included in a list of dangerous sects. The investigation started when a number of former members filed complaints.

Applicants were being asked questions that breached privacy laws and, in some cases, the jobs turned out to be unpaid.

The Scientologists deny all charges, which they say are motivated by revenge on the part of former employees. The extent of local membership of the organisation is not known but is thought to be several hundred. The prosecution claims the organisation is Goedele liekens nude pics commercial in its objectives and extorted funds from its members.

Water bus river commuter transport coming to Antwerp Commuters in Antwerp will soon be able to take a boat, known as the waterbus, to work, port alderman Marc Van Peel has announced.

Starting inthree lines will operate on the Scheldt river: one linking the Goedele liekens nude pics bank with the city centre; one linking the centre with the port area; and one bringing in people from outlying districts to areas in the south, such as Goedele liekens nude pics and Schelle.

The city is seeking co-operative agreements with potential partners, including Flemish public transport company De Lijn and national rail authority NMBS to allow waterbus passengers to link public transport services. The project will go ahead in the meantime regardless, Van Peel said. The city will initially rent five or six boats, which can be used for commuter traffic as well as more recreational river trips. Van Peel said he had been inspired by the example of Rotterdam, which now operates a daily waterbus service from Dordrecht.

As that project has been delayed, the funds can Goedele liekens nude pics used for other projects, including mobility. Last week the club signed a lease with developers Ghelamco and the city. Anderlecht had Goedele liekens nude pics withdrawn from talks on the lease, preferring to consider renovations to their existing Constant Vanden Stock stadium pictured Goedele liekens nude pics the Anderlecht commune.

But that option fell through when it was determined how much renovations would cost. The area will also lose income from parking and from the restaurants and cafes around the stadium.

Construction of the new stadium is expected to begin next spring. The decrease is due to tougher environmental legislation. Next year the action moves from 16 to more than 50 stores. SML was one of the main Goedele liekens nude pics of Ford Genk before its closure in WEEK in brief The city of Ghent is seeking permission to recruit its own police officers, after federal home affairs minister Jan Jambon gave the go-ahead to a pilot project allowing Antwerp to do the same.

The items, which feature members of the public giving their views on a topic, are increasingly used by TV news outlets, the researchers found. Members of the public speak for an average of 10 seconds each, compared to 18 seconds for experts, politicians and Goedele liekens nude pics witnesses.

But only 2. The Brussels-Capital Region has approved a proposal Goedele liekens nude pics set up a Council for Animal Welfare to provide advice and take part in the creation of animal welfare policy. The council will be made up of representatives from animal shelters, animal rights organisations, veterinary organisations and scientific experts.

The register will allow the government a Goedele liekens nude pics overview of the tourism sector, as well as checking on whether renters meet the legal requirements on Goedele liekens nude pics safety, insurance and hygiene.

Leuven has become the first city in Flanders to establish a reporting centre for male victims of domestic violence, the city council has announced. The centre is planned for the Lokettenzaal, where exhibitions used to take place. A new call will now be made in the hope of attracting more suitable bids for the contract. The renovation includes a new outer shell, giving the building a whole new appearance, according to the architects.

The building used to be the headquarters of the post and telegraph agency, later Belgacom, now renamed Proximus. In recent years, it has housed various city administrations. Flanders has issued its second permit for a Longer Heavier Vehicle LHV — more popularly known as a super-truck — to begin operating in the port area of Antwerp this week. Detectives have carried out house searches of members of the Aquino family, following reports that two men linked to the family visited the Gasthuisberg hospital in Leuven and photographed the body of Goedele liekens nude pics man thought to be one of the killers of Silvio Aquino, one of the brothers at the head of Young teen anal clip alleged drugs gang.

Silvio was gunned down in August, and the body of one of the men involved was found nearby later. He is thought to have been fatally wounded in the shooting. Several members of the family are currently on trial in Hasselt on trafficking and money laundering charges. Wordline has announced that it will compensate retailers affected by a major breakdown in the electronic payments system in September. Retailers will be excused all transaction costs for the two weeks from 15 to 28 October.

The planned new crematorium in Evere, the second in Brussels after Ukkel, will be designed by the renowned Portuguese architect Edouardo Souto de Moura, who won an open competition. The crematorium will be built on the grounds of the municipal graveyard. Souto de Moura Goedele liekens nude pics the crematorium in Kortrijk. His partner for this project is the young Belgian architect Jean-Christophe Mathen.

Amusing for sure, but not true. The Atomium toilets are a long way from being the highest in the city.

That honour goes to Zuidtoren pictured next to the South Station. Medialaan owns TV channels, radio stations, film distribution and even mobile telephony. InWilly gave up law and took over two local papers and their printer: the weekly Roeselaarse Weekbode and the ad-filled free-sheet called, appropriately, Advertentie.

There soon followed a series of takeovers in West Flanders, including of publications in Izegem, Torhout, Ypres, and eventually across Flanders. They came together in as De Streekkrant, which still exists today. Soon after his arrival, he launched Trends, a business title also Haywire movie gina carano in French.

For what must be a momentous event in the history of the company, De Nolf, 61, had little to say. There is a board meeting in midNovember. Flanders Today, a weekly English-language newspaper, is an initiative of the Flemish Region and is financially supported by the Flemish authorities. Zuidtoren was built in the early. It was built around a central core containing Leg open wide girls spread eagle, lifts and, of course, sanitation.

Rogier tower and the nearby Finance tower are both taller, as is the newly built Up-Site tower on the banks of the canal. That structure, m high, dethroned the Brusilia apartment building in Schaarbeek as the tallest residential building in the city. The editorial team of Flanders Today has full editorial autonomy regarding the content of the newspaper and is responsible for all content, as stipulated in the agreement Goedele liekens nude pics Corelio Publishing and the Flemish authorities.

Editorial address Gossetlaan 30 - Groot-Bijgaarden tel 02 23 06 editorial flanderstoday. We have seen this work in the area of housing in the Brussels-Capital Region. Buyers now pay less taxes when purchasing Nude high resolution erotica home, but they lose the tax credit in the years that follow.

These rules are distinctly different from those in the Flemish Region. This was the case in the discussion about the nuisance caused by airplanes taking off and landing at Brussels Airport. Contrary to what the name suggests, the airport is located in Flanders, with the planes flying over both the Flemish and Brussels regions, leading to constant clashes between them whenever flights are rerouted.

Co-operative federalism was also hard to achieve when it came down to the Climate Agreement. Climate and energy being regional competences, the Goedele liekens nude pics was to determine the effort expected of each region to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and the percentage of renewable energy they should produce. When, after six years of Goedele liekens nude pics, an agreement was finally reached recently, it was greeted with Goedele liekens nude pics. Without it, it was believed, Belgium would only embarrass itself at the upcoming Climate Summit in Paris.

The relief Goedele liekens nude pics short lived, however, as N-VA immediately made it clear that it would not support it. In practice, this means that the Flemish — the largest population group in Belgium — foot most of the bill. In the end, prime minister Charles Michel MR could only admit that the agreement was preliminary and will be the object of more negotiations.

In the meantime, the Paris Climate Summit starts on 30 November. Details were leaked last Goedele liekens nude pics on the share each party will take of the sale of carbon dioxide licences, as well as targets for the production of renewable energy. There is no place for such amateurism at a climate summit. Greenpeace is not alone in its criticism: the three governing parties in Flanders are not in agreement with the deal worked out by environment minister Joke Schauvliege in talks with the two other regions and the federal government.

Schauvliege has been asked to re-open talks — a move Goedele liekens nude pics could jeopardise the deadline for the Paris summit. Environment minister Joke Schauvliege has been asked to re-open talks just a month before the Paris Climate Change Conference.

The party is also critical of the decreased share of renewable energy that Wallonia must produce, from

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