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I am a boy who Naked boys art death basketball sneakers and I would like them to abuse me. I make images of Naked boys art death that fuck boys. Will you know of someone who wants to play online role-playing game? Greetings and excellent blog. Tentaclesvore gmail. Gladiators, Executions and Torture. The Roman 'Munera' - originally an Etruscan custom, was a series of gladiatorial combats, 'ad mortem' to the deathstaged after the funeral and cremation of a Roman aristocrat patrician - and intended to 'placate' the spirit Manes of the dead man through a sacrifice of blood - that being the blood of the gladiators who were killed.

It was from this custom at funerals that the idea of the 'Ludi' - the Roman Games - developed. The following scenes are taken from the Munera for Gnaeus Octavian Gracchus. At the same time the naked lad lost control of himself, and emptied his bladder onto his severed hand, which was lying on the sand in front of him, and noisily voided what was left of the contents of his bowels. The other gladiators, and arena-slaves, stood around watching Celer screaming, urinating and defecating on the sand, and waited for a further sign from Petronius that the naked, pain-crazed boy should be 'finished off'.

Once Petronius thought that the audience had their fill of watching the pathetic boy trying to prevent his guts from sliding out of his slit belly, he gave the sign to Peritus to finish off the disembowelled boy.

Furtim, however, responded with a counter thrust. Bellus' had a fraction of a second's advantage, and his gladius pierced Furtim. However, in an attempt to escape Furtim's counter, Bellus missed his intended mark, and caught Furtim Naked boys art death the lower belly, ripping through the waistband of his opponent's leather thong, and plunging deep into Furtim's vitals.

Furtime screamed and his thrust went well wide of its mark. At the same time, Bellus pulled his gladius up, slicing Naked boys art death Furtim's thong, - his lowe belly, and cutting into his wide leather harness. The cut was much deeper than would be normally used for a Naked boys art death, and it sliced through Furtims' small bowel. My fuckin' belly! Instantly he felt his guts lose the support of his abdominal muscles, and fearing the he would suffer disembowelment, he dropped his gladius, and using both hands, attempted to prevent the vertical cut in his belly from opening.

Bellus then went up to the boy, and roughly pulled away what was left of the groaning lad's Naked boys art death thong. The tiny leather support dropped away onto the sand, leaving poor Furtim 'bollock-naked'. Bellus then grabbed hold of the distraught, terrified boy's bulky scrotum. Not my balls! My bollocks! Bellus then casually dropped the severed balls in front of his squealing, castrated opponent.

By then Furtim was sitting on the sand, propped up against the arena wall, and looking down at the blood pumping rhythmically from his mutilated belly and groin. And those were the last words that Furtim ever said While the audience applauded, the naked, disembowelled and castrated Naked boys art death, sat upright, pissing on the sand, and staring at his severed balls that were lying on the sand in front of him, as he rapidly lost blood. Then Furtim grunted, noisily voided his bowels, and toppled Naked boys art death to one side - dead.

The story is taken from the 'Iliad' by Homer. Patroclus Varus Wearing the Helmet of Achilles Enters the Arena Varus, as Patroclus, then returned to the arena, clad in Achilles' magnificent helmet and a gold loincloth, in order to lead Achilles' faithful 'Myrmidons' against the Trojan warriors at the Gates of Troy.

The Myrmidons of Greek myth were known for their skill in battle, and loyalty to their leaders. During the Trojan War, they were commanded by Achilles. Epitomes and Leontius Wait their Turn to Fight. Epitomes and Leontius in Full Armour.

Epitomes KneesLeontius in the Groin. Leontius Emasculated, Disembowelled, Impaled and Decapitated. I'm pissin' and shittin'! Help me! Moments later the naked gladiator would be castrated. If he showed any signs of. He's cuttin' off my fuckin' cock and balls!

Naked, Gallic gladiator Vortigern is Naked boys art death off the sand, and. After the Gallic gladiator, Vortigern, has been castrated. Naked, Gallic gladiator Vortigern is laid on his belly. Disembowelled, Castrated. Naked Roman Gladiator. Flavius Naked boys art death Disembowelled, Castrated. Naked Gladiators Fighting in the Arena. Vindrex - Naked Ancient Roman Wrestler. Cums as he is Castrated.

Castrated and Cumming. Naked Slave Impaled and Crucified. Crucifixion - Naked Roman Slave. The Story of Gracchus. Naked Roman Slave-boy - Twink. Naked boys art death and Chained. Naked Bound Roman Slave-boy Twink.

Naked Roman Slave-boy Twink. Bound - Cumming. Bound - Cock-head Torture. Two Naked Roman Slave-boy Twinks. Bound - Erect and Cumming.

Bound Naked boys art death Cumming - Behind Bars. Bound Twink - Cock and Ball Torture. Bound - Ball Naked boys art death Cock Torture. Butt Machine Torture - Hard-on. Naked Boy - Twink. Public Judicial Butt Machine Torture. Naked Muscle Stud Cumming. Email This BlogThis! Frank Doyle 11 May at BobJoePie 17 May at Vittorio Carvelli 20 May at BobJoePie 24 May at Francis Davila 11 October at Newer Naked boys art death Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

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