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Your account is not active. We have sent an email to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your account. Photographer Ivette Ivens wants to make public breastfeeding the norm. From church to parties, from farmers market to high-end designer stores.

She is also a proponent for extended breastfeeding. Mothers do too. Ivens also specializes in taking beautiful pictures of families. More info: ivetteivens. Like what you're reading? Subscribe to our top stories. Bored Panda works best if you switch to our Android app. Bored Panda works better on our iPhone app! Follow Bored Panda on Google News! Follow us on Flipboard.

This lazy panda forgot to write something about itself. Whilst very stylised and beautiful, these photographs do not show breastfeeding as it is in the real world. If I had to be fully naked just to breastfeed it would put me off as I do not wish to be naked in public!! Also there is a slightly pornographic air about these photos and those perverts in the world who focus their eyes on children will have a field day with them. In fact I have seen more innocent photos of children removed from Facebook for less exposure!!

Just because we want to breast feed does not mean we have the right to make everyone around us uncomfortable while we do so - A little modestly and discretion goes a long way. Apparently, Bog Dan has difficulty separating art from reality. Anyone who looks at these photos and thinks they are meant to imply that women should get all gussied Nude pregnant women breastfeeding and gallivant mostly naked while nursing their babies has obviously paid little attention to the history of art.

Where the hell do you see the public in that public breastfeeding.? Looked at photos critically several times and there is a leaning to playboyesque style photo shoot. These are far from the real world of breast feeding.

These photos are more about sexuality than mother feeding a baby. When I started reading the first sentence it was near exactly how I was going to express my impression.

Then I got to the pornographic suggestion and I have to strongly disagree. There's definitely nothing pornographic and the images are indeed beautifully done. But also definitely not how it's realistically done except for one or two. That being said, perhaps if society was a bit less hush hush and ill at ease and and oh so Nude pregnant women breastfeeding, but more accepting that this is a natural occurrence we wouldn't foster so many people who develop these perversions.

I agree normal pictures. Somebody mentions Playboyish, and yes these are 'slick,' promotonal types of shots, whch is fine in itself, but by the same token have some erotism not pornographic; that'ssomething else and these ain't it.

Obviously, not everyone is comfortable with associating breast feeding children with erotics, and I include myself. Love play among adults is another thing entirely, of course. This comment is hidden. Click here to view. You must be dumb as bricks if you can't realize that it took hours for these photo shoots.

Nowhere in the real world you'll find women looking like that when breastfeeding. Nude pregnant women breastfeeding fact that other people are made uncomfortable seeing a breast is a product of a sick, messed-up culture. That's it. There's nothing weird or gross about them.

Real women don't breast feed like this. That's the problem most have with it. This is a freaking photoshoot, retouched and photoshopped. This isn't showing something beautiful, it's showing a stylized version of a mother feeding her child I have no problem with women breastfeeding in public. But they and their children aren't naked in the middle of a mall or sitting in a field baked or in their lace panties.

Sorry, but these pics don't come across as celebratory or empowering, they come across as unrealistic and fetishy. We are the only Maximilian species that is shamed for being visible while nursing. The concept of "indecency" is subjective to each culture. Many cultures do not sexualize breasts at all while others believe Nude pregnant women breastfeeding a woman's face being visible is immoral.

You're right that breasts were made for feeding babies. Penis' were made for producing babies You see it on animals. Being discreet is the reason why we cover up. Lori, you've got serious problems. You're comparing a sex organ to a organ who's sole purpose is feeding babies. I don't know what to say, other than you should seek help. The arrogance behind Nude pregnant women breastfeeding idea that these women don't have respect for themselves because they're not doing things the way you would I'm not understanding why your comment has been down-voted.

Respect is subjective. In order to have taken these photos, these women probably have more self-respect and self-love than most people. I respect anyone who decides to do what they choose in confidence regardless of what others think about them. Why live life if Nude pregnant women breastfeeding going to let others dictate what you choose to do and how to make yourself happy?

Only 1 person deserves respect, and it is yourself. As long as you're happy with the choices you make, fuck everyone else. Are you kidding me? You think I feed my baby with my breast to make you and others uncomfortable? More to the point, do you think I care if you are? My choice to breastfeed has nothing to do with you or anyone else. If my baby is hungry out in public would I not be a bad mother for letting him go hungry?

Or perhaps I should go find Nude pregnant women breastfeeding closest, cleanest bathroom and maybe squat on a toilet seat so my baby can smell urine while he eats? Because that would make me a better mom? The day you sit in public in your boyshort panties with your large breasts hanging out with a look of deep satisfaction on your face is the day the police drag you away in handcuffs and put your child in protective custody.

I fully expected to see women in very public places, breastfeeding. I was expecting to see sideways glances from pedestrians or fellow travelers on public transportation.

I thought this was a social presentation type of photoshoot. Not a glamour shoot. You sure have a deviant mind. Are you sure you are not talking about yourself? You do need to see a shrink. There's nothing pornographic about the photos. You completely and absolutely missed the boat. It's art, not a depiction of what real Nude pregnant women breastfeeding look like when breast feeding.

Talk of fetish and pornographic here reflects the sad nature of our uptight and fear-mongering western culture. I fully agree. One thing that amuses me greatly is that many women seem to feel that breastfeeding in public is some sort of new Nude pregnant women breastfeeding. Women have done this for decades.

I try to understand what you wrote but I really can't! These photos show us a natural thing that women can do, naked or not. If you are uncomfortable with that why did you saw theses photos? It's time Nude pregnant women breastfeeding stop to be shocked when we see a mother breast-feed her baby : so natural If you are uncomfortable with that, why did you see that?

It's just a beautiful thing and it's time to stop to be shocked when we see a mother breast-feed her baby I see absolutely no "pornographic air" about these photos at all. It may Nude pregnant women breastfeeding that you are not accustomed to seeing photos like this and that is where the discomfort lies.

There are tribes currently that are naked all the time and you will hear no Avatar sex pictures movies of rape, because they are Nude pregnant women breastfeeding to seeing each other naked.

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