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Disclaimer: I don't own any Peter Pan characters. Note: This story contains elements of a fairytale, but don't expect Disney. It has language, violence, and graphic depictions of sex. If Tinkerbell naked lesbian sex can't handle any of this, don't read it.

If it gets taken down I'll post the story elsewhere. On a separate note, I haven't seen any of the new Tinker Bell movies and I don't plan to. The Tink in this story is closer to her Tinkerbell naked lesbian sex in the book. Everything else comes from me. Chapter One. Mrs Bugby stood off to the side looking bored.

She was an older fairy about the shape of a tea pot with wads of curly grey hair piled on top of her head. A shop owner who hadn't been around as long as she had would have balked at the behavior of this snooty blonde fairy who had whisked in over an hour ago seeking to purchase an entire new wardrobe.

However, Mrs Bugby had known Tinker Bell for years and had long since gotten over the little fairy's behavior.

Tink wasn't like other pixie girls, that much was certain. Tink took one look at the hat and turned up her nose, which was just such the perfect shape for being turned up. I guess I'll just take Sugar mummy naked big ass and be on my way.

Mrs Bugby fluttered over to the counter and began to tally up the total. Tinker Bell rummaged through her bag for the sum and dropped the coins onto the table. Mrs Bugby shuffled the pile of purchases into two large bags made of bay leaves. Tink took the bags and bid her goodbyes, chin up and shoulders back.

Tinker Bell hated coming to the fairy village but there was nowhere else she could have gotten new clothes. She would have made them Tinkerbell naked lesbian sex if she could have, but she wasn't nearly good enough at that sort of thing. She was a tinker, not a tailor. Her tools were fire, hammers, anvils, fullers and all other sorts of harsh, heavy things that did terrible things to her skin and hair.

She didn't know how she'd ever come to be good at it. She hated getting dirty. However, if anyone had asked her if she was a tinker she would have replied "Only the best. Long ago Tink had Tinkerbell naked lesbian sex here in the village. That was before she'd met Peter. Peter had been just a baby at the time she and others had found him in Kensington Garden but she had loved him at once.

When he had flown off to the Hangman's Tree to live, she had followed and been with him ever since. She knew the other pixies talked about her and made fun of her fondness for Peter. It was one the main things that made life in the village so unbearable. Even fluttering along as she was now she could feel the eyes on her, hear the whispers being passed back and forth.

The pixie in love with a human. The truth was Tink didn't entirely understand her situation either. She knew better than anyone how Peter Pan broke her heart at least twelve times a day, and by the end of the day she had no choice but to forgive him. After all, he was just a boy. The fairy village was situated in the very deepest part of the island's jungle.

The trees in this part of the jungle grew Tinkerbell naked lesbian sex and close together, sometimes so close that the branches of different trees twisted and twined to make one large network.

It was in such a twisted crossing of branches that the fairies Tinkerbell naked lesbian sex chosen to build their little shops Tinkerbell naked lesbian sex houses. Some of the fairies lived directly in the trunks of the trees. Others had built charming little wood houses out on the branches. The whole of the village was made up of about fifty-seven fairies, each one Michigan hot milf big boobs their own special ability and job.

All day, every day there were fairies going everywhere doing something. Busy busy busy making flowers bloom and gardens grow and seasons change and all that other distracting stuff that Tinker Bell just didn't have time for.

What would happen to Peter if she kept as busy as other fairies? There's a spatula in urgent need of repair. The flight from the fairy village to Peter's tree wasn't a long one for a pixie.

Tink made it back to the tree before sundown. She zipped down through the old hollowed branches and into the main living quarters. Of course the hideaway was an absolute wreck. From the arrows and tomahawks sticking in the wall it looked like Peter had been battling with the Indians again.

She didn't mind that but only wished he wouldn't do it inside. Tink's own living area was a moderately sized hole carved into the wall.

Originally the hole had been covered by a raccoon skin. Peter had killed and skinned the raccoon especially for Tink so she had treasured it dearly for a long time, despite its being a filthy raccoon skin. When the skin had gotten too old and dusty, Tink had taken it down and folded it carefully to tuck away. In its place now hung the fine white fur of a snow rabbit, much more appealing to Tink's taste. The hole itself was simply that: just one room in Tinkerbell naked lesbian sex Tinker Bell had arranged all her things.

She did not live like the fairies of the village. They slept on beds made of furs and whatever feathers they could find. Tink's bed was Italian walnut. The mattress was stuffed with tiny goose feathers and layered with sheets of fine silk. Across from the bed was the vanity: French giltwood carved in a decorative rococo style. The mirror was large and oval and the drawers had been carved with intricate filigree.

Directly beside this vanity was a floor length mirror, also giltwood with tiny blue birds carved at the top corners. At the back of the room was a silk screen, behind which was the rack where Tinker Bell kept her outfits.

Tink fluttered to this rack and began placing her newest purchases. It was amazing, Tinker Bell thought, how quickly she managed to go through her outfits. Traveling around with Peter Tinkerbell naked lesbian sex rough business most of the time but it did have its perks. For one, it was through Peter that she managed to get Tinkerbell naked lesbian sex of this furniture into her room.

He had carried it all Salma hayek nude photo way from London. And when she decided to get rid of things, he was the one to toss them out. She hung the last of the outfits and stepped back to look at the new collection. Off to the right of the rack were her standard green dresses. Simple, but durable and ultimately expendable. That was why she had five of them. Next to the green dresses were the satin thigh-length slips she Tinkerbell naked lesbian sex at night.

Next to those were the prettier outfits that, she ruefully admitted, she didn't get to wear very often. And when she did wear them, there hardly seemed to be a point. Peter never seemed to notice or care what she wore. She could fly around naked and he wouldn't think anything of it. The last time she had dressed nice had been over a month ago when Peter had been invited to eat dinner on the ship of some traveling merchants.

The merchants had all complimented her on Tinkerbell naked lesbian sex light blue evening dress. Peter had only laughed and called her silly. Tinker Bell sighed and rested her chin in her hand.

Despite Peter's behavior, that had been a very Tinkerbell naked lesbian sex evening. The food and drinks had been wonderful and the merchants had made promises to come back with some items that Tink might be interested in. It was so hard to find pixie-sized accoutrements. The dealer in London was the only one she knew of.

Tinker Bell frowned and shook her head. She zipped out to the high center of the room and looked down. There was Peter, filthy as usual, dressed in a chain mail vest and holding a sword and shield. When Peter spotted Tink he smiled wide as though nothing in the world were Pantyhose sex free pics. In his world, there never was anything wrong.

Not for real, anyways. Where have you been all day? You missed the King and Queen of Overdale.

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