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One of my favorite words is "beginning. Women over 40 are the best educated, most powerful demographic in history, and yet, in this youth-obsessed culture, we are the forgotten majority.

Retailers and online shopping sites are geared toward 20 to 30 somethings, and brands we thought cared about us, have lowered their demographic to women in their 30s. The one thing that jumps out at me is the power of connection; the power of real conversation; the power of being heard and above all, the power of love. I value and appreciate and love you in return.

What new beginnings do you have in your life? All rights reserved. Follow this blog. Brenda ladon has breast cancer again, Again, From ParkPlace! Tweet Tuesday, July 22, One of my favorite words is "beginning. Click here for more Comments Make a Comment 0 Previous comments. I still Brenda ladon has breast cancer again about the Brenda ladon has breast cancer again he died, and what it must have been like for him.

I wonder if he hears me when I talk to him; when I tell him how much I Brenda ladon has breast cancer again him and how blessed I was to have him in my life? I remember every detail of the first drive we took; how he pointed out plants like flaming sumac and doveweed; how perfectly and effortlessly he skipped flat stones across a river and how he pulled me toward him, but stopped just shy of Brenda ladon has breast cancer again me, and oh, how I wanted him to kiss me.

I miss the countless times he stood behind me under the night sky, his left arm wrapped around me, his right hand free to point out the North Star and the constellations. I miss how every day, without fail, he would tell me how much he loved me; how much he valued and appreciated me.

I do, however, have a yearning to try something new. Remember the talk show I told you about? I want to know what defines us and makes us grow; the difference between our needs and wants and how we see ourselves in the context of not just our towns and cities, but the world as a whole. I lost my entire family and everything I held dear.

I lost my way of life. I dearly hope to hear from you as well. You can always reach me at brenda breastcancersisterhood. Words cannot express my gratitude for all the things I've learned from you and the love and support you've given me. I love you dearly. Stay strong; believe in God; lift one another up; be open to miracles and possibilities and know in your heart that you can do anything! Booker and Verlene Tweet Sunday, November 25, We've all heard that laughter is the best medicine, so for those of you who are struggling with cancer or are simply in need of a smile, I hope you enjoy Booker and Verlene.

At first glance, there was nothing out of Brenda ladon has breast cancer again ordinary about either of them; just two country folks dressed for their day in court. Verlene wore her distinctive water buffalo hair-do, parted down the middle and flipped up at the ends, and a pair of purple sequined earrings that shimmied back and forth like flashy Cocker Spaniel ears.

Her tiny body seemed to vibrate under her dress. Like Booker, Verlene had an appreciation for all living things: for the way Olympic water polo slip old weathered stump curled around itself, as if it were holding onto all the character it had acquired over time; the way old women can hold their head just so until they can see in their reflection, the woman of long ago.

I imagined Verlene saw that woman every day. I tried to focus on his words, but like Verlene, his body looked like it was pulsating under his clothes. His left shoulder jumped and twitched, then abruptly stopped as the buttons down the front of his shirt rippled one after the other.

I glanced at Verlene in time to see her right breast dance and spring outward like a Jiffy Pop container on a hot burner, while long strands of hair magically emerged over the top of her pearl necklace. Booker has disregarded my instructions! I screamed, and the head disappeared.

The judge glared at me and asked if everything was all right, but the prosecuting attorney ignored us both. The animals scurried back and forth beneath their garments Brenda ladon has breast cancer again little boys fighting Brenda ladon has breast cancer again a blanket. Booker stroked one of the lumps under his shirt. They live in Tasmania. Booker, but they do not live in my courtroom!

I watched as Booker and Verlene wrangled the last sugar glider into the bag. On second thought, maybe it wasn't the last one Yesterday I attended a memorial service for a friend who died; a loving, well-respected man who gave of himself to everyone he met. I knew the essence and soul of my precious James was in the presence of God, and I prayed that all was well with his soul.

Perhaps it was because I was numb, still in shock. As I stood in the receiving line, I felt like I was comforting those who waited patiently to pay their respects instead of the other way around.

I was trying to make them feel better and tell them how much James loved and appreciated them. As I sat in the pew, I cried and sobbed and struggled to catch my breath and not draw attention to myself. While James died unexpectedly, my first husband died Brenda ladon has breast cancer again a long illness. I sometimes think long goodbyes give us time to realize that living with a debilitating illness is not Brenda ladon has breast cancer again life we want for our loved one, or ourselves as their caregivers.

Whether our loved one verbalizes it or not, I think many of them come to the same conclusion. Then again, we never know how people will react after a loved one dies; what things they will tell themselves that allow them to redirect their heartbreak and anger. Perhaps, instead, we should consider the day when it's our turn to find ourselves in the presence of God. Like James and our friend who died, will you be able to look at Him and say, "It is well with my soul?

I Brenda ladon has breast cancer again posted this in March,but I feel the need Brenda ladon has breast cancer again a little humor, so I'm running it again. Or maybe the wiring in my brain temporarily short-circuits, causing the bimbo wires to mingle and override the common sense wires.

This typically happens when I open a box of macaroni and pour the contents into the pot. I imagine the stranded pieces of pasta glued to the bottom of the box are devastated at being left behind while their box mates go on to seek their destinies, tumbling and boiling together, soon to be a satisfying meal for hungry diners. I feel sorry for the macaroni left behind and find myself ripping open the box to free them, scraping away the remnants of glue and cardboard, then pushing them onto their boiling center stage.

I see the blue and yellow Kraft boxes, newly crimped and formed, jockeying for position, one after the other, their labels facing the same direction, ready to be filled with newly made macaroni. One by one, cheese packets are added, boxes are sealed, then packed into larger boxes for shipping. It wants to be a great building. It wants to be a meal, amazing and creamy until the last bite.

My husband says bimbos and macaroni have a lot in common. He smiles knowingly as he pats the top of my head. Comments Make a Comment Disabled Previous comments. Real women like themselves. In Brenda ladon has breast cancer again ad, Ms. Keaton appears to be the very best version of herself that we, or she, have ever seen. Not only does Ms. Keaton appear "ageless," no lines, sags or Brenda ladon has breast cancer again of any kind on her face, neck or hands, someone has removed the very things girlfriends of a certain age find appealing about her.

At every stage Brenda ladon has breast cancer again our lives, we've seen ourselves, and the women we know, reflected in the characters Ms. Keaton portrays. Goodbarand she was a neurotic twenty something in Annie Hall. The beauty and fashion industry has long undermined the self-esteem of women. Like Chico's retail clothing brand and MORE magazine, cosmetic companies that have turned the Brenda ladon has breast cancer again back on girlfriends of a certain age, no longer make us feel we are valued.

I think you have us confused with our wallets. I don't think there's anyone who doesn't know this is breast cancer awareness month. All of us who are breast health advocates and bloggers have written and spoken out about the lack of moral compass when it comes to "raising awareness.

Long after I lay down to go to sleep, I hear the words of my unprepared friend, Donna, who's new doctor, the first time she ever saw him, had the "end of life" conversation with her, or Lisa, a fellow breast cancer blogger who just learned her breast cancer has metastasized, and she wonders how to tell her children. It's getting harder Brenda ladon has breast cancer again me to write about cancer. Too many of my friends, many of whom I've met here on my website, are battling Stage IV cancer, fighting with everything they have to stay alive.

I care deeply for all of them and in many cases, I love them. They are men and women I've come to know on so many levels; people I admire for their spirit and in some cases, for their sheer determination and Brenda ladon has breast cancer again that keeps them alive. Others are not so lucky, but not because of their lack of will and determination.

Sometimes I think I know too much about cancer and the course it can take. I'd like to think diet and exercise, positive attitude and meditation will trump killer cells gone awry, but that's not always the case. Then there are others, like my friend Susan Pollack, who lived for 14 years with metastatic breast cancer. She ate red meat, never exercised and drank alcohol.

Go figure! Sometimes it's really difficult to stay positive about the future of "the cure" when everyday, people I know, love and admire are hanging on to positive thinking and determination. So, if from time to time, I write about something else, like the power of friendships on the healing process, or who knows I know too much about this wicked, evil thing called cancer, and forgive me, but sometimes it's just too difficult to slap on a happy face and say, "we can beat this thing.

Daily, I ask God to bless Brenda ladon has breast cancer again of you and your families. This is my little man, Sam. If you look closely, you'll see fur peeking out from between his toes, a sure sign he's a house puppy, which is fine with me.

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