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Thursday, November 21, Thankful Thursday. Email This BlogThis! Labels: Thankful Thursday. Thursday, November 07, Thankful Thursday. Hi friends! It's Thankful Thursday time.

I had a rough month with an ulcer and minor concussion warm-up spiked volleyball to the side of the head unexpectedly Gary and I had been doing Talk nerdy to me girl well running in the morning but when I was sick we got up early and walked and talked—still a great start to the day.

We just started running again yesterday. Here are some things that I am thankful for today:. Thursday, October 17, Thankful Thursday. Thursday, October 10, Thankful Thursday. Oh do I love thanksgiving weekend! It's not necessarily the family gatherings we're fortunate to get two with both sides of our family aroundit's that:.

It's a long weekend! If you're a teacher and made it to Thanksgiving weekend, you get a breather! The fall leaves are incredibly gorgeous and the crisp air is invigorating.

Here are some things I am thankful for in the past week:. I am in a brand new stage of life. Our youngest is now seven years old and I'm guaranteed child-free time from 9 PM until 7 AM each day. Our oldest is a teenager and responsible enough to be left in charge of the other two for short periods of time. Heading into another year of work this September, Gary and I talked about our goals as teachers and parents. We both had the desire to balance our physical health with all that was expected of us I would add mental health to mine as well.

In the past I have felt that there was no time. Sure, there were evenings but by that time I was just so tired. I had heard of people getting up at 5 AM but memories of my dad waking us up at that time to go fishing as teenagers filled my head and I just could not do it. I read the book " The 5 AM Club " and decided to go ahead with some of it's main principles. It has been life-changing and let me tell you why Labels: balancehealthparentingparenting tips.

Thursday, September 12, Thankful Thursday. I probably should make a new Thankful Thursday cover photo. The early morning starts 6am for Gary and I definitely make a world of difference. I mentioned it last week Aunty hairy armpit photo getting up before the kids to exercise, shower and have coffee makes us much nicer parents and people. Our kids never used to sleep in until Talk nerdy to me girl am so this is a great new routine.

All right, what am I grateful for this week? I am thankful for:. Thursday, September 05, Thankful Thursday. Happy first week back to school! I realize this isn't the case for anyone but it definitely is in this family with three kids in three different schools primary, middle and high and two teachers.

One thing I have been doing each morning is some brief journaling of my stresses and gratitude's which I'll talk about below and I'd really encourage you to try it out if you think it would be helpful. Being that it's Thursday it's time to share my thankful list of the week! Labels: thankfulThankful Thursday. Talk nerdy to me girl, August 22, Thankful Thursday.

Hello and thank you for checking this space out once again. I have been here since —13 years, isn't that wild? While I blog only once a week at most now, I do value this space and the community it has allowed me to have.

I'm curious how going into another school year teaching will affect Talk Nerdy to M e but I plan to keep updating as I'm able. All right, after a busy summer, this is what I am thankful for:. Our three weeks in Europe included two weeks in the Netherlands and one in France. Talk nerdy to me girl meant that we were able to spend a day in Belgium on our way to and from France as well. You can see some tips I have give here on what to consider when planning your trip. Chapmans in the Eiffel Tower.

Labels: adventureEuropefamilyroad triptravel. We recently travelled through the Netherlands, Belgium and France with our three Talk nerdy to me girl for three weeks. The purpose was primarily to connect with my dutch roots and for the kids to experience Talk nerdy to me girl cultures.

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