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I couldn't believe that I had done it again. My wife warned me not to gamble anymore, especially with Tony and Rick. But they were the ones that would give me any action, everyone else had cut me off. This time I really messed up.

I was in way over my head. There was no way I could pay this loss off, I couldn't even afford to pay the weekly juice.

It was no use running because I worked with Rick and they'd always know where to find me. I met them at the bar on Friday night and tried to reason with them. I asked for some more time but they insisted I come up with the interest and some of the principal. I was nearly begging them, it was kind of pitiful. Then Tony came up with a proposition: if I wanted to keep breathing on my own I would bring my wife to the Royal Crown Motel tomorrow night.

They told me that they would use her for a couple of hours and that would take care of the interest for that week. That's when Rick turned to me and stared in my eyes and said "if you don't show with that hot Wife fucked to pay husbands debts of yours I'll find you and you will pay with a body part!

He was dead serious. I should tell you Rick and Tony are two of the largest, most muscular and darkest black men I've ever seen. Both are about 6'6" and each is a her solid two hundred and fifty pounds They've both been in prision and Rick doesn't seem to like white guys very much. I didn't know what else to do.

I told them we'd be there at and I left the bar. All I had to do now was convince my wife, who openly despised Rick and Tony, that she had to voluntarily go to a motel room and "be" with them! I was very quiet when I got home and Lana knew something was wrong. She kept asking me to tell her and I finally broke down. I nearly cried when I explained that I had bet with Rick and Tony again, even though she warned me not too. I told her how much I owed them and then I told her what the plan was that would allow me to pay down my debt.

That's when the shit hit the fan! She was furious. She refused and at one point even talked about moving back with her parents in Florida as she haphazzardly packed a suitcase. I couldn't blame her. I must have looked pathetic because she suddenly stopped and came over to me. She put her hand on my cheek and asked "is there ANY other way? At about pm Saturday Lana began to get ready. She took a hot bath and then applied her makeup, she seemed to put it on a little heavy, kind of "sluttier" than I have ever seen her do it.

My wife is usually rather conservative, at least during the day. She works as a consultant to an investment firm and is very "corporate" looking. She does let loose on the weekends and we've always had a great sex life. This, however, was not exactly part of our fantasies. She slid on Wife fucked to pay husbands debts black stockings and walked to her closet. She reached into the back and pulled out a red cocktail dress - one that I'd never seen before.

She slid into it and made me zip up the back. I stood behind her as she checked herself in the full length mirror. My mouth was open in a bit of shock.

The dress was so short that I swear I could see her ass cheeks. She smiled to herself and turned half-way to check Wife fucked to pay husbands debts her ass in the mirror. I retrived the shoes from the closet and held them out for her. She chuckled and sat down on the settee. Put them on my feet please! She stood up and now she was taller than me.

I realized that, just like the dress, I had never seen her wear these shoes. She grabbed her purse and started down the stairs when she stopped and turned around and said to me with a really wicked grin on her face "you know I think I just might enjoy myself tonight. I was shocked. I could feel jealousy burning inside me.

What did she mean? My wife was not a mean person, but Wife fucked to pay husbands debts know that she had a little bit of a racist attitude towarda black men. She once told me that she couldn't stand how they all thought they were god's gift to women. The motel was only about a fifteen minute ride and as we got closer I noticed Lana was running her fingers along the inside of her right thigh.

Do you like my dress? Then she said to me "you know I have this girlfriend at work who only dates black guys. She told me that even though the whole size thing Wife fucked to pay husbands debts kind of a myth every black guy she's been with was hung pretty well.

She says they all seem to be thicker than white guys too! Mmmm, I bet Tony and Rick are both huge! What about how pissed off you were at me last nite for gettig you Wife fucked to pay husbands debts this? And what about how you always say things about black guys? I was really pretty Wife fucked to pay husbands debts now. Could it be she was really getting into this? When we got to the motel Tony open the door for us and Wife fucked to pay husbands debts walked in.

Rick was sitting on the sofa and Tony suggested that I make everyone some drinks from the little makeshift mini bar they had set up. While I fixed the drinks Tony and Rick made small talk with Lana, complimenting her outfit and body.

Lana stood in the middle of the room and Tony told her to turn around so they could check her out. Both men made sounds of approval and Tony took a seat next to Rick and said to Lana "why don't you have a seat baby" and he patted his lap.

I handed Lana her drink and as she took it from my hand I noticed she trembled slightly. I handed the men their drinks and Lana took a seat - right on Tony's lap. Rick put his hand on her thigh as Tony slid one of his massive hands up he stomach and onto her breast. Lana squirmed a little as Rick's hand disappeared beneath the skimpy red cocktail dress. It actually hit me just then that I had never seen Lana put Indian girl lesbian sex underwear as she dressed.

Her legs parted slightly and Tony took her chin and pulled her face to his. His big thick lips covered hers as they kissed fully on the mouth. Rick was obviously working one of his long fingers into my sexy wife's pussy because she began to moan softly and spread her legs a little more. Tony looked over at me and held up his drink - I took it as a signal to me to take all the drinks away so that the real party could start.

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