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Dear Readers: My last few stories have been humor and satire and rather light, but this is a cuck story and a dirty cuck story. So if you don't like cuck stories don't read it and leave nasty comments. If you are a repressed cuckold I know you can't help yourself and you'll read it and it will make you angry as that repressed fetish rises close to the surface of your conscious mind Xxx janet jackson booty your reactions will be amusing to the rest of us see my essay on the subject.

But if you like to read about humiliated cucks and wives psychologically castrating their husbands, read on and enjoy the fantasy. I really humiliate this poor bastard. He likes to watch me fuck. It turns him on. He's been watching for four years now as I have sex with other men. How did it start? That is a very interesting and very amusing story. He was unfaithful with a close friend of mine. Unfaithful for two years! I tried to pay him back. Instead, I uncovered a hidden fetish. He was a voyeur cuckold -- sexually aroused by his own jealous humiliation, masturbating as he watched me fuck.

So I didn't divorce him as I had planned. I kept him around for my amusement and for the amusement of my boyfriends. We laughed at him! I Tala nara nude model that laughing at that powerless little masturbator, as I fucked another guy, was more fun than anything I had ever done before.

And he enjoyed being laughed at! It turned him on! He became a chronic He was watching me fuck -- a half-dozen times a day. He hasn't had a piece of pussy in four years. Revenge was Jasmine byrne pornstar latina It all began shortly after my thirtieth birthday. Frank gave me two gifts that year -- a Lexus sports convertible and the knowledge that he was fucking my best friend. The second gift was purely accidental -- I stopped at my friend's condo, unexpectedly, to show her my new car!

At first the macho bastard tried to bluff it out. Then it was apologies and promises, apologies and promises. I guess it's happened to couples everywhere. But I didn't want apologies and promises -- I wanted to get even with that arrogant bastard! And when your hubby fucks another woman, there's only one way to get even - so I waited for that opportunity.

That opportunity came in Yukikax japanese junior nude Francisco. Hubby is an investment banker and a successful one.

He was always a macho, dominant, take-charge guy. We had dinner with Frank's best friend, Don Moore, a college classmate of Frank's who was a also in banking. He was recently divorced. Both Frank and Don were attending a three-day symposium on changes in tax regulations.

After dinner we stopped by his house in Marin for a drink and hot tub. Frank and I had done hot tub before -- we had one at our place in LA. It was no big deal to be naked with a bunch of people. We had done it with Don and his former wife on many occasions. So that night we stripped down and soaked ourselves in that hot water. Doesn't sound like much but that's Hardcore sex with fat women hot. Don He was watching me fuck a nice looking guy -- muscular, well hung, a lot of body hair, and big, low-hanging balls that swing gently when he walks.

We were soaking and drinking and talking and laughing and then it happened. Don was sitting on the side of the tub and I noticed him staring at my tits, which were jiggling as I moved around. He was getting an erection!

I have a good body, but Don had seen it several times before. I've got 35C tits, a narrow waist, nice hips, and a thick, black, curly haired beaver that shows just the head of my rather large clit.

I dye my hair honey blond and the contrast between the hair on my head and the hair on my pussy is striking -- some would say obscene. I have a bronze tan and milky white skin, where my bikini protects me from the sun. I look good naked! Damned good! I was turning Don on. Why this time and not before? I had no idea. But I held my shoulders back and turned to give him a better look at my tits -- my nipples got hard and stood out as he stared at them.

His damn thing kept He was watching me fuck bigger and bigger until He was watching me fuck was pointing straight up. I was standing in the tub close to him and without even thinking about it I reached down and started stroking it. It was a lot bigger Beach porn gallery pics Frank's cock -- thicker and longer.

And it had a He was watching me fuck foreskin that peeled back to show a big purple head. It felt really good in my hand. I looked at Frank sitting on the other side of the He was watching me fuck tub and saw him staring at me with a strange look on his face.

You macho bastard I thought. You deserve this after what you've done to me! You deserve more than just watching me play with another guy's dick. I'll show you how mad I am about you fucking my best friend He was watching me fuck two years.

I'll show you how it feels for your spouse to have sex with someone else! I dropped to my knees in the water, pulled He was watching me fuck heavy foreskin back, and took that thing in my mouth. I began swirling my tongue around that big purple head and moving my mouth up He was watching me fuck down, sucking. I caressed his big testicles and massaged them gently. Don began to groan and pump his hips.

He reached down and started playing with my tits. It didn't take him long to cum. Those huge testicles lifted up out of my hand high in his scrotum and he pumped a big load that filled up my mouth. When I stood up and turned around, I expected to see anger and a look of jealous rage on my husband's face and hear a torrent of vindictive language. That's what my reaction had been when I walked into my best friend's bedroom that ugly afternoon.

But instead of the jealous, macho, raging bull I expected to see, what I saw was a wimpy guy sitting on the edge of the hot tub with a hard on, beating his meat like a high school kid. I had read about this fetish, of course, both on net porn sites and also in serious psychiatric discussions on Wikipedia.

It was real and usually overt but sometimes it was repressed -- unknown to the victim until he first saw his wife with another man.

Did Frank know he He was watching me fuck it or was this the first time he discovered it? That didn't matter. What mattered was that he HAD the fetish. He was a voyeur-cuckold! And now I had that bastard by the short hairs! Since it was out in the open I might as well give him a happy ending. I walked across the hot tub and, bending over, grabbed his face tightly in both hands and delivered a great big wet kiss that allowed me to transfer Don's heavy load from my mouth to hubby's mouth.

Hubby now had a mouthful of thick, sticky, creamy, cum mixed with my foamy saliva. I watched him swallow it eagerly. Then I felt something splash on my naked body and looking down I realized that hubby was ejaculating as he furiously pumped his peter. Don had watched the whole thing with amazement on his face from the other side of the hot tub. He now realized that his best friend was a voyeur and had been sexually aroused watching his wife on her knees giving another guy a blowjob.

And then the strangest thing happened. Not a word was spoken. We did nothing about what had just happened. All three of us simply ignored it -- pretended He was watching me fuck never happened. We continued drinking and talking and then we dressed, said our usual goodnights, and drove back to our hotel. The next night Don invited us to dinner at a different restaurant and offered us drinks at his place afterwards.

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