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Arkansas Wildlife Weekly Newsletter. Randy Zellers Assistant Chief of Communications. The search began innocently enough when Kenny Nations, an Arkansas wildlife photographer, sent Marsh bird striped neck iowa a photograph of a trumpeter swan wintering at a pond in Cleburne County wearing an unusual-looking neck collar.

Swans and geese are often banded by biologists with colored neck collars containing large alpha-numeric codes to identify them at a distance. Marsh bird striped neck iowa, this Marsh bird striped neck iowa had no visible numbers or letters, nor was the collar the characteristic bright color of usual bands.

Smith admitted to Rowe that in the past, she would have been as puzzled as anyone by the unusual-looking color; however, last summer Smith had participated in the banding of nine juvenile trumpeter swans by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and ornithology students at Iowa State University using different neck collars than ones employed in the past.

Smith recognized the style of collar in the Arkansas photograph as the same as she had seen in Iowa. While Harms confessed it was a long shot, he said the swan possibly could be identified if the very small numbers used on these collars could be viewed.

Harms told Smith, who relayed to Rowe, that perhaps a birdwatcher could try to relocate the swan and use a spotting scope to read the tiny numbers on the collar. The only problem, as Rowe said, was that there were over swans Marsh bird striped neck iowa across Passion hd nina north seduced County.

So she asked both Nations and another avid bird and swan watcher, Terry Butler, to be on the lookout for a swan with a tan collar. Butler was swan-watching at a pond belonging to Verlon Abrams, who is an avid trumpeter swan caretaker as well Marsh bird striped neck iowa the former commander of the Arkansas American Legion.

Butler scanned the hundreds of swans on the pond before locating one with the tan collar, as well as a band. But, it so happened that photographer Randy Rhodes happened to be nearby using an exceptionally long lens for his shots. Butler asked Rhodes if he could take detailed photos of the swan in question. Rhodes complied, getting detailed photos of the collar and leg band.

Reseachers had lost the transmitter signal in mid-September. A lot of timely coincidences fell into place to give the researchers some good news. Site Menu. Central Arkansas Nature Center J. Buy Licenses Check Game. Tracking trumpeter swan leads back to Iowa research group.

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