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Despite how much we covet celebrity airport styleit's not always so easy to figure out what you should wear on a plan when push comes to shove. Stilettos and high-waisted leather pants look great in paparazzi shots of stars strutting through airport terminals, yet in action, these statement-making ensembles can prove a bit trickier.

And though we'd all love to look our best when hitting the skies, certain wardrobe pieces are best left in our checked bag or Mature tumblr sexy naked american granny. Who better to inform us on what to never wear on a plane —and what to wear instead—than someone who works at 35, feet?

We reached out Planes and high heels American Airlines flight attendant Andrea Fischbach to spill her list of things you shouldn't wear when flying—for the sake of comfort, practicality, Planes and high heels safety—as well as her recommendations for what you should wear instead.

Keep scrolling to see what a flight attendant says to never wear on Planes and high heels plane in addition to the pieces you should wear on a Planes and high heels. While a fire may be one of the last things on your list of concerns when Planes and high heels, it is something to take into account Planes and high heels dressing for your flight.

Fischbach names fringe and flammable materials as hazardous items should there be an emergency. Deciding which shoes to wear when flying can often be the trickiest part of the outfit to nail down, so we asked Fischbach if there's a specific style you should simply avoid Planes and high heels flying. If there is an evacuation and slides are required, your high heels will have to come off as they can puncture the slide.

Who knows where and in what conditions you'll land, plus they aren't very practical running gate to gate. Fischbach notes that even flight attendants change shoes during the flight because it isn't practical to wear heels the entire time. As Fischbach noted with the nails in high heels, metal can slow you down significantly during security.

She advises avoiding shoes "with large metal adornments" or "anything studded which some TSA agents might not allow through. Fischbach notes that "anything that looks like a potential weapon is a no-go, so use your imagination at times," using multi-finger rings as an example. I've had my Cartier Love bracelet set machines off, and trying to unscrew that with a nail isn't fun—especially when you are frantically trying to do so. One of the most common mistakes Fischbach sees when people are flying is failing to dress for the conditions of the plane.

You name it; chances are we've seen it," she recounts. We all know airplanes are freezing, and it's just common sense to Planes and high heels for it. You can always keep extra layers, or even a full outfit option, in your carry-on. And yes, it is possible to dress comfortably and still look chic. Once Planes and high heels studied up on Fischbach's concise list of items to avoid while flying, sub in her flight-friendly go-tos.

Layering is her top suggestion for ensuring you enjoy a comfortable flight. Fischbach says she favors cropped pants when she's flying as a passenger. She also brings her own thick socks for extra warmth for her feet.

She also suggests sheath dresses which work with tights or nylons. Who wants added wrinkles? Look your best! Traveling soon? This post was published at an earlier date and has Planes and high heels been updated.

Anything Constricting. Wear Pants With an Elastic Waist. Fire Hazards. High Heels or Backless Sandals. Wear Comfortable Shoes With a Back. Shoes, Jewelry, or Accessories With Metal.

Not Enough Layers. Opt for layers. What to Wear Instead. Shop tights. Shop comfortable cropped pants. Shop thick socks. Shop cashmere hoodie. Carry Along a Cashmere Scarf. Shop smart travel pieces. Facebook Pinterest Twitter Instagram Email.

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