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Teen pregnancy and childbearing are at historic lows and there has been impressive progress on both fronts in all 50 states.

Even so, in there were 1, births to teens. Teen pregnancy rate in oregon of there were 4, pregnancies among teens age 15 to 19 in Oregon. Notes: the data here represents the most recently available from a variety of sources.

The most recent year available varies by indicator. Martin, J. National Vital Statistics Reports, 67 8 National Vital Statistics Reports, 66 1 Matthews, T. National Vital Statistics Report 63 4 Kost, K. A pregnancy can result in a live birth, an abortion, or a miscarriage. Pregnancy data include all pregnancies births, abortions and miscarriageswhile birth data reflect only live births. Pregnancy data are generally released a year or two after birth data because it takes time to incorporate these different Teen pregnancy rate in oregon. Our data are compiled from a variety of published sources.

State policy data are routinely summarized from reports published by the Guttmacher Institute. To maximize consistency across states, we rely on these national sources rather than state or local sources. Please refer to Sources for more detailed information. We make every effort to continuously update our data portal whenever new data Teen pregnancy rate in oregon released.

The most recent year of data available will vary by indicator. Unlike teen birth data, which are routinely released in the following Teen pregnancy rate in oregon, there is generally a one to two year lag in the release of teen pregnancy data.

Teen pregnancy rate in oregon teen pregnancy data come from publications released by NCHS and the Guttmacher Institute, which combines data from NCHS birth and population data along with the Guttmacher Institute survey of abortion providers to estimate the number and rate of teenage pregnancies.

If you need a more recent indicator, consider using teen birth data instead. Or it may be that, for a particular state or locality, more recent teen pregnancy data are available. We update our statistics only once new data are available for all states. Our dataset can be directly downloaded from the website.

You can access national- and state-level data, however, no data are available below state-level. The easiest way is to double-click the file and select Excel as the program.

Select "Open" or "Yes" as you continue through the prompts. Alternatively, you can rename the file to add the file extension ". For example, "national-details" becomes "national-details. If you open the dataset from the File dropdown menu within Excel, you will be directed to use the Text Import Wizard. For Step 1, select "Delimited". For Step 2, uncheck "Tab" and check "Comma". For Step 3, select Teen pregnancy rate in oregon, Abby winters amy j then "Finish".

No, these data only represent teens in high school—they do not reflect the experiences of teens who have graduated high school or who left high school for other reasons. An unplanned pregnancy is a pregnancy that the woman herself reports was not intended at the time of conception—either she reports that she did not want to get pregnant ever, or she reports that she got pregnant earlier than she had intended. For example, you might want to compare teen childbearing in California and North Dakota.

If you just examined the number of teen births, you would think that teen childbearing was more common in California than North Dakota — 38, births compared to births in However, the rate—because it accounts for the population size—shows us that teen childbearing was remarkably similar in both states — each had a rate of It is common to confuse a rate per 1, with a percentage, but they are not the same. A percentage is measured perwhile rates are commonly measured per 1, To get a sense of the difference, consider that a teen birth rate of The relative frequency of teen births each year is typically expressed as a rate, not a percentage.

Teen pregnancy rate in oregon follow the guidelines provided in the methodology of each data source. For more information, please refer to the Sources section. The Centers for Disease Control, from which we gather many of the statistics presented here, also has available several interactive table generators that are easy to use. You can use these tools to find more detailed statistics, focus on a smaller geographic area, or find data for a more narrowly defined demographic group.

Below are a few examples:. When data on births and pregnancies to girls under 15 Hot teens pussy geting fuck not available, this proportion is measured only among year olds.

Proportions which are less than 0. Also, while the current teen pregnancy rate reflects non-Hispanic black teens, the decline in the teen pregnancy rate is calculated among Teen pregnancy rate in oregon teens overall due to data availability; this raises little concern given that rates for black teens overall and for non-Hispanic black teens are nearly identical.

The decline by state is measured since for teen girls overall, and by age group. Declines over time for teens overall reflect published revisions made to historical teen pregnancy rates. This inconsistency raises little concern given that, for teens overall, the original and revised teen pregnancy rates are nearly identical. Teen pregnancy rate in oregon Story Teen pregnancy and childbearing are at historic lows and there has been impressive progress on both fronts in all 50 states.

Teen Births. Teen Aurora snow black cock. Teen Pregnancy Rate The number of pregnancies per 1, teen girls, age Pregnancies include births, abortions, and miscarriages.

This excludes births for which birth order was unknown. Sexually Active A teen who has had sex within the last three months. Four or more sexual partners Proportion of Teen pregnancy rate in oregon school students with four or more lifetime partners. IUD Intra-uterine device. This is a long-term, low maintenance, highly effective contraceptive method that is inserted into the uterus. Public Cost of Unplanned Pregnancies This measures the public costs Blonde outdoors blow job for births resulting from unplanned pregnancies.

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